Happy Old Year

So once again the world didn’t end as all the pessimistic pundits predicted. That of course doesn’t mean it won’t end tomorrow or sometime very soon but I’ll bet my life on there being some form of civilisation this time next year. After discovering the other day that pension beneficiary tax went up from 35% to 55% in April 2011 it clearly points out two things. Firstly that the Government is less concerned with people than getting as much money as possible out of us and secondly that I am behind the times with most things.On a business level the last year has been one of the most daunting, taxing and heart breaking times I have ever lived through. In a practical sense life’s not been easy either with three home moves and an enormous amount of travelling and the chaos that creates. However on a personal basis life couldn’t be sweeter with the woman I love and adore agreeing to share her life with me when we were perched on a mountain top in Fiji on the auspicious date of 12.12.12.

Tough as practicalities may be, compassion makes everything easier. The New Year promises to be a tough time too particularly if we dwell on the past instead of living in the present. Appreciating the here and now makes all the difference. De-cluttering my life will be my main objective certainly in January. There could be some rich pickings for the cash rich investor over the next few months, once the credit card bills start to turn over; the rise in shop purchases over the last quarter of 2012 hasn’t been matched with any increase in earnings so it must be the borrowing that will increase. That leaves many people in a worse situation. There is a staggering amount of people who show their love by gifts instead of through thoughts, words and deeds. Those are the very people ones who are likely to be struggling financially in the New Year.

However there is much to be grateful for and anyone who is healthy wants to recognise they have the most valuable gift anyone can bestow. Even my religion has added another tier in the last 12 months and yet it still lacks something. Maybe as I learn more a fifth level will finally give me the understanding and spiritual contentment I seek. Our beliefs are very personal between ourselves and what we hold in highest esteem but for all the years I’ve been alive I’ve never seen world peace for more than a day or two. That indicates to me that religion simply doesn’t work in its present state and as the planets population continues to increase we need to be more aware of interfaith multidiscipline to bring people together and create more care and concern across the world.

The new calendar has reportedly brought a new consciousness to the planet, I hope it’s true and we see the fruits of nature’s Divine tree this year but for now it’s still party time and holidays and family fun so enjoy it to the full and may 2013 be your best year ever if only for being one more that you get the chance to enjoy.

Endeavour to create more happiness in your New Year.

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