Healthy Work

There are some people for whom work lasts from 8.00am to 5.00pm. There are other people who work from 9.00am to 4.00pm but their work lasts around the clock as they take it home with them if not physically, then in worry and stress. There is a further category of which I’m glad to say I fall into, where we don’t know where work starts or stops because all time is equally enjoyable. I consider going for a swim work as its fairly hard going and I have to do it to keep fit and healthy. I wouldn’t consider meeting new clients work as it’s always so different and interesting.

One of the beauties of having people work for you is being able to delegate things that you can’t be bothered doing but that isn’t necessarily the best way. What we should delegate are the things that others can do better than us. When you run your own business you like to do things your own way and a habit builds that makes you think that your way is the only way or certainly the best way. Learning to delegate properly is essential for any business to grow. Knowing who to delegate what to, is the art. Following on from our local Arts and Culture festival I am now starting Tai Chi after a taster lesson last week. It’s the kind of mind and body exercise which I will really enjoy without being over exertive. It helps to focus energy and create well being without being too strenuous and will fit in with my moderate health improving regime. I wanted to try Yoga but the classes were cancelled as the teacher was poorly so that doesn’t bode well as a healthy pursuit. There’s a lot of illness around at the moment. I only have to hear somebody sneeze and I’m running in the opposite direction. There is no substitute for good health and nothing so valuable so why is it I can’t stop eating fattening foods? Slowly I’m trying to wean myself off all the things I know don’t do me any good but they’re always the ones that taste so nice! I had to go out early on Monday to help a friend who had problems of a practical nature. Apart from the chaos of the early morning traffic I noticed just how grumpy and unhappy everyone seemed to be from the kids on the way to school and their hassled mums, to the average Joe on his way to work. Even the postie and the bin lads who are generally quite chirpy seemed down in the mouth yet it was a lovely bright morning. It had followed a weekend of miserable weather here, but the point is that nobody seemed to just appreciate what they had and enjoy being able to do what they were doing. Going to the shops and the bank as soon as it opened, I saw that people were arguing and grumbling all over the place. I wondered how many of them had got good quality sleep, which I now achieve through my new techniques. In a few months when the research is finished I will be launching which I hope will give many people an insight to quality sleep for happier and healthier days. It was gone ten o’clock before I met a cheerie face and then I met another but neither of them were English – maybe it’s the economy or just the morning stresses but for me Monday is the best day of the week because work is part of my everyday life not a means to an end. Work to be happy not for reward. Money will flow as applause for doing whatever you do to the best of your ability. Endeavour to be healthy…….always happy to help.

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