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I’ve always extolled the virtues and freedom of working from home, but meeting someone earlier today in their working environment made me think again how important it is to love your work regardless of how much you get paid for it. There is so much value in helping others. Just getting a thank you from someone who needs your assistance can be like being hugged by the value of what you do. A few desperate people have come forward this week wanting the magic wand treatment and when they receive realism they can be visibly uplifted even if you have to give them hard lessons. There is no individual happiness totally independent of others and it is important to understand how much of your own happiness is linked to that of others. It’s never a good idea to make someone happy with a lie even if it means hurting them with the truth. We’re all able to make mistakes but it only becomes a problem if you don’t learn from them. I’ve been very much observing myself over the last week and how I think in consideration of the gratitude I feel for the appreciation of everything I see, hear and feel. It’s interesting how self-examination on a mind level can reveal so much more about the other areas of harmonic balance or imbalance. We can try to learn from others mistakes in many things but to have any power over ourselves we need to learn it for ourselves. To have wisdom we need to earn it and to have trust we need to learn it and earn it.


To be trustworthy people have to know you and they have to like you. People who trust you confide in you and for them to trust you implicitly they have to see you to be in your own truth. This is so evident when meeting people in their individual work environments as it says so much about their life in general. Do people feel safe in trusting you? Do you even trust yourself? It’s such a boost of your confidence when someone shares something in confidence but never promise anything if you can’t fulfil it. Consciousness is not an entity and all relationships should be for your highest good as the energy you put out to the Universe will at some point come back to be symbolic in your life. The evaluation of our own consciousness is spiritual awakening, and to expand our connection with nature, with the Universe or with each other we have to expand our conscious thinking and our spiritual understanding. Recently I’ve seen and heard much about calibrating the value of anything and everything particularly people and their energetic atonement. Hindsight is a clear view for many but with good teaching our vision can be just as clear and far more beneficial. Poor teaching doesn’t make all teachers bad but it does cost a lot of money and create a mass of heartache.


Whilst most people are well meaning it is incredible how much misery is created from what goes on unspoken until possibly years down the line when truths are revealed which is often the only way of clearing emotional pain. On Sunday I went to a valuable talk on love, on Monday I visited a house where they too had been having a talk on love the previous day. Then yet a third person had told me of their love experiences on the same Sunday, so how, if there is so much love for what we are all doing, is there so little love seen or manifested in society generally. Perhaps each of us are cocooned in our own little world and what we are doing is not reaching others at an abstract level. We really should evaluate the calibration of own souls. At the same love event I heard of abuse within families and saw the numbers of people who really have been hurt long term by their parental teaching. To have the compassion of understanding our own children seems a rare commodity. We can override our conscious thinking if we really want to prevent our ‘loved ones’ from being hurt by our own misgivings, but we struggle with our egoism of self-power and the self-inflating emotions of pride in our children instead of caring for their happiness without wanting anything in return. Fear is the opposite of love, how often are we really present with anyone? When are we truly listening and when are we just waiting to talk?


Our own presence is so important, and yet so many of us don’t even realise that we live in the shadow of our true selves because our lack of love for our environment, our purpose and the people in our lives brings a victimhood of blaming others for our own unhappiness or misgivings. So we see so many seek pleasure in addictive practices to cover their emotional damage rather than seek to understand how to clear problems by surrendering to love to bring about healing, empowerment and awakening. Awakening will be our evolution when we can override our guilt and greed and understand and accept ourselves. Every day can bring about a new possibility and seeing a number of people over the last week in perfect harmony with their work and home balance has made me question the time I spend alone. There is a place for quiet in all of us but there is also a time to meet and share with others the joy of interaction. None of us can remove the past but we can move on from it. There is no good dreading what has happened before in case it happens again or the same things will come back to haunt us. You are not now the person you ever were before and we can easily disempower ourselves by self-imprisonment instead of shining forth and showing our vulnerability, someone might even think it attractive.


Endeavour to create harmony through the intention of sharing your love.

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