How can we create our inner balance through thoughts?


You could be forgiven for thinking that some people want you for an ulterior motive but there are some things that are unerring when we administer them ourselves without realising the consequences. Breakdowns in communication, lack of communication and misunderstood communications can lead to more than just a rift between people as the emotional imbalance I see over and over again seems to point to our health being affected by what we say, have had said to us or don’t say or not had said to us. Surprisingly when we expect someone to act in a certain manner and they do the opposite, it is us that are affected by their action and yet their action may have be effected by circumstance or communication which we may know nothing about.How this has altered lives seems to be an ever increasing amount of illness borne out of emotional grief. Few of us seem to realise that to be healthy and physically fit, we need to be emotionally healthy and balanced first and in an environment that is conducive to well-being. The more people I meet with severe health problems including Cancer, the more they tell me of either major relationship issues with nearest family members, or of living, working or playing in an environment that can only have contributed to their illness even if it was not the direct cause of it. Stress affects us all to some degree but in many ways small amounts can be beneficial to us actually achieving things. Too much of anything or not enough of life’s vital needs including love must surely create a spiralling effect that leads to physical ailments.

The breakdown of what should be a secure loving relationship appears to account for the start of many serious illnesses or physical problems. Issues can arise from our inception to our grave but those that seem to affect us most come in the first half of our time on Earth. Being blessed with a wonderful childhood can make for a long and happy life, however, where are we in our own thinking, particularly when we make decisions that affect our future long term, can also determine what the outcome of that future may be. Thinking wrongly like every addiction, can be simple to start with, compulsive in its growth and life shatteringly painful in its maturity. When you see the reality of what people have brought on for themselves simply by not being able to balance their emotions with their physical and spiritual beliefs the staggering results speak for themselves. Combine this with any environmental problem and the human body becomes a breeding ground for illness which produces pain and enhances suffering. Suffering and pain are only symptoms of any problem and treating the symptom rather than getting to the root of the trouble and preventing it happening, increasing or becoming serious has to be the lesser alternative.

It’s very easy to take a pill to cure an ill but it’s far more sensible to create internal balance for external harmony. How can we create our inner balance through thoughts?Our thoughts create our world; negative thoughts affect our world negatively. Change our mind and we can change our world. Create harmony in our head and we can bring harmony to our world. Whatever ails us, if we look at the alternatives before rushing to the Doctors we might see that we can cure ourselves of many of the modern day problems by changing our habits and either becoming more sensible in what we do, or clearing and healing things that have affected us in negative ways. Whatever we can remember and an awful lot of what we can’t recall, makes us live in the effects of our past. Letting go of everything that has gone before and being in the present makes a huge difference to our health and vitality.Ask ourselves certain questions and we can possibly begin to understand where we are deficient in our thinking. Questions like: What do we believe? What do we want? How can we communicate better?Who do we love? What are we willing to do? What do we appreciate? How do we show our gratitude? The answers we give ourselves should be the basis of thinking what we are missing, where we have too much of something else to compensate and where we are imbalanced between our needs.

In the Western World most of us have far more than we need, more than we can use and more than is good for us. We have the freedom to choose our attitude to any set of circumstances. We have to accept full responsibility for everything that happens to us. Being healthy, being happy, being successfulare all about following the rules to get us there. By not allowing the things outside our control to affect us we are able to dictate how we feel about everything. We have to be very careful what we think about, and to large degree what we see and what we hear. By taking responsibility for our own lives and developing optimism, commitment and self-control we can develop a healthy attitude and performance to the best our ability ridding ourselves of the anxiety that is created around events. Replace debilitating stresses of worry and fear with belief and fulfilment and even the most chronic of illnesses can disappear. Hang on threads of negative thinking particularly around relationships and the most person most vulnerable will become the victim of themselves. Your belief about yourself is the most important factor in creating your health, happiness and success in life. Unfortunately most of us go to great lengths to avoid thinking about the very things that affect us most unless we think negatively about it. Our relationship with our self is where we need to start.

Endeavour to believe whatever the challenge you will overcome it.

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