There are times when you need to be grateful and appreciate the important things in your life. There are times for giving, there are times for receiving and there are times for sharing. When we understand what we want out of life we can use our diaries and calendars to create the time we need to fulfill our lives and produce contentment in what we do. It isn’t to take away focus from our goals; it’s to enhance our ability to reach them. I like to take the 29th of each month to be self-indulgent, to do what I want to do the way I want to do it. That doesn’t necessarily mean altering what I’m doing particularly, but it does mean putting myself first for just that one day a month. The 22nd (today) is our love day when sharing the time with my twin flame is the most important thing I can think of. That’s why this blog and next weeks will be written the day before, sent and posted by my colleagueson the appropriate days. Indulging in these whims give us opportunities to plan around the things that delight us most. It gives us payback for long hours spent toiling over the things which although we may be passionate about, they still tire us and can get us confused and resentful. Self-indulgence seems a like a luxury when you consider everything, but for what can be merely the cost of time, the benefits can be massive.

Communication and enjoyment with yourself and others will improve all relationships as the inspiration and honesty blossoms. Finding the Soul mate with which to be indulgent might be another matter. Raising the vibration at which you enjoy everything you do will go a long way to attracting that person into your life. So much of what we do and want is about clarity, letting go of what’s been before and using the right techniques to bring about what we want from the future. Many people fail to see the benefits of giving, whether that be of their money, their time or their knowledge. We become so protective of the very things we have to let go of to receive more of what we want.Cluttering our lives with material possessions, cluttering our emotions with old misperceptions and cluttering our beliefs with too many ideals. The world is a very beautiful happy place if you look for it but it can also be an ugly miserable place if you look the wrong way. Two events over the last week where we offered people opportunities to increase their self-worth were shunned by the very people that need it most. Often we can’t see the bigger picture for being restrained by our own mistrust.

Everyone says they want to get rid of problems and create a better lives but most people spend more time perfecting their problems than removing them. So many of us are unable to move away from what causes us angst simply because we think more about it and nurture it instead of moving on. However there are techniques to solve this way of thinking quickly and effectively. Taking one thing at a time, instead of going over a problem we need to explore it and define it. Then we need to understand why it is a problem and why do we have it? What caused it and what stops us from solving it? Resolve who is to blame for the problem, this is usually down to ourselves and finally decide why we haven’t solved it yet? From this point of knowledge we can then look at the remedies by again asking ourselves questions and answering them honestly. For solutions, you need to know what you actually want. How do you want it to be? What do you need to get it? Do you have resources that will help you achieve it? How far are you towards or away from achieving it? What is the next step to achieving it? Then finally when will you take this step? The simple fact is that we tend to look at challenges and dwell on them without clearly thinking about the way forward and prevention of similar troubles.

Often a major problem can be solved simply by asking yourself for the answer whilst you sleep. Incredibly our brains are able to function at a very high level and whilst our physical bodies tire and need constant attention, our thinking works better without any interference. Ask the question to yourself last thing at night, the right answer will generally be there in your head by morning. Indulge yourself when you need it and your whole life can be transformed into whatever you want it to be. There is no one resisting your actions more than you. As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do”. We need to live our lives by what we believe to be right. There is a fulfillment in knowing we have done the right thing by and for ourselves so that we can do the right thing for and by others. Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

There are no problems only experiences, the experiences of life are far more enjoyable if you give yourself the opportunity and imagination to enjoy them by indulging yourself in a game of celebration every month in a ritualistic manner. Protect what you have of real value and let the destructive indulgences of your thinking give way to the positive indulgences of your life.

Endeavour to make the future far more exciting than the past.


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