What is it that influences us to make the decisions we make? When we analyse it we find that it’s not necessarily what we expect that makes us decide on the major issues or concerns in our lives. A decision on buying a house can be made in a viewing lasting just a few minutes, whilst we can deliberate for hours over trivial matters. We make decisions based on information received and that may have come from sources that are unreliable, alternative, misguided or vindictively biased. Most business people make decisions quickly and alter the consequences to suit. Most employed people make decisions slowly and live with the consequences long term. What influences our decisions is of paramount importance and should not be taken lightly. Each of us has our own influencing factors that make us make the decisions we make.

Pain and pleasure are the two big influencing factors. What makes us do things to get away from pain and what makes us do things to move toward perceived pleasure. It’s rare that we get the opportunity to do both. Men and women are influenced differently and expensive marketing campaigns are geared towards this knowledge however there is far more involved here than just the way people are sold to. Influence goes to the core of our being, the way we live our life and the way we give and receive love. Generally women are more connected to nature elements whereas males tend to be governed by reason. Each of us is driven by the things that influence us and each of us will often see the exact same thing very differently. Finding our passion is to find the energy behind our influencing factors and allow the freedom to be moved by love and life itself without complication.

To find their freedom most men want to dissect what they do whereas most women want to surrender to their love so their hearts can flow naturally to those they trust. Trusting others too much can be a recipe for disaster and yet without trust there is no real relationship between anyone. Freedom is not the same for men and women. For most men freedom is the challenge, the completion, the success and the release of an issue. A woman’s freedom is in absolute love where her heart can open to the fullness of physical, emotional and spiritual unity. To find absolute love and freedom we need to understand what influencing factors have led us to make decisions that have affected us to date, what is affecting us right now in the present and what we will let affect us in the future. Most of us need to understand and appreciate what elements work for us or against us.

When we suffer the losses and pains of life, be they physical, psychological or spiritually based what do we learn? Even if we know our passion how much time and effort do we dedicate to it? Do we let the minor tribulations of our life get in the way of our goals? There is no learning only understanding. There is no reason for guilt where your passion is concerned even if it appears to oppose your relationship as by standing strong in your power your reverence will actually enhance the strength of a relationship that is balanced and mutually loving and appreciative. When we are authentic to our core desires we can dedicate our time with support rather than create any resentment. When both men and women follow their true path the Divine energy of love between them can fill their lives with health, happiness and wealth. Each will be able to live in their greatness with the other.

One life aligned with higher purpose will be fulfilled and reflected in radiant blessings. When two souls meet and the yin and yang of each compliment the other then both will receive magnified presence, love and the intimate unflinching support of the other to bring about growth of the mind, love on an unequalled level and resonance with the Earth, other people and the Divine. The natural essence of life will shine through and make an appealing combination which complete strangers will notice and comment on as they are drawn to the energy you omit. When you remember, appreciate and give gratitude for the treasures of your heart and share these with those you come into contact with, your natural ability to give love, receive love and be love will be revealed. In the presence of others we adopt their attitudes, language and traits. We can even cross gender behaviourisms when much of our time is spent with the opposite sex.

Every time we criticise ourselves we are effectively saying we are not good enough. Once we have learnt to control the words we are saying in our head we are able to change the vibrational energy of our thinking and therefore change the outcome of everything in our lives. When we are short of money saying to ourselves how poor we are will only make us more so. When we are ill, telling ourselves how bad we feel will make us feel worse, and when we are lonely telling ourselves how unlovable we are will keep people away from us. Once we start to see the magic all around us we create wonderful outcomes. Ask and ye shall receive but be careful what you ask for as specifics make all the difference. I’ve just spent five of the healthiest days of my life starting from a health awareness conference full of inspired people who have overcome great suffering by not being influenced by the majority. Well done to anyone who can think for themselves.

Endeavour to be influenced by good thoughts only.

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