Insecurity in all Negative Emotions

Anger is a projection of our primitive feelings outwardly and most people have to suppress it to survive in the modern world. One person I know seems to live in anger around his lack of materialism and I simply don’t want him in my life in any context. His anger won’t attract any wealth, any friends or any happiness as his character is such that his personality is lost. I’d like to tell him to meditate as it might be his guardian angel but I know from past experience that he’s too angry to listen. Often we say too much when listening would be our biggest benefit. Our higher thinking self must be more powerful than what we project to the world as our real selves as we need the strength of willpower to overcome negative emotions. Most insecurity, whether it be anger, greed or jealousy comes from hurt, but forgiving people for hurting us rarely happens in one session of meditation, one chat with a friend or even one visit to a therapist. Insecurity can destroy us physically over time but none of the emotions around fear are likely to have suicidal tendencies as their whole aim is to strike back not accept blame. Our conscious thinking is not the same as our body self and education is very slow as we are generally very stubborn and our ego has to be forced to learn rather understand willingly.


It seems normal for all humans to be self-centred and put themselves first and quite exceptional to be kind and smiling in everything we do, but the majority of people are simply not happy. Most people, especially without maturity, don’t even feel safe let alone realise there is something bigger in life as they are undisciplined and don’t have the power of focus to address anything major in the world. Self-empowerment and realisation of big dreams doesn’t come from sudden bursts of enthusiasm but a pace and way of life. We need vitality to sustain our focus, we need to practice to sharpen our wits and generally live a cleaner life without drugs or alcohol, even controlling what we eat is crucial to an energetic lifestyle. However if we have a sharp focus it pierces through to our higher consciousness and thinks for us, giving us the ability to do whatever we want. There is massive human potential to be sophisticated and help others if we can refine our passion for something into our purpose for life. When we find the true congruent alignment with our love, we can have an insatiable lust to achieve whatever we want through our conscious choices. The better we resonate brings similar minded people and wealth along with an easier, lighter way of life with it. We are all being programmed without even knowing it, the television, radio, newspapers, whatever we see or hear, whoever we listen to is conditioning us to someone else’s way of thinking instead of awakening us to our own very capable thinking mind. When we detach ourselves from the wants of our egoist thinking we are bigger people for it.


Our mother is the first to give us pain, not intentionally of course, but she is the first one who loved you most and simply could not give you everything you wanted as soon as you wanted it. We have to re-program or de-program our unconscious thinking and open our minds to understand we are not thinking right. Everyone projects their own fear, guilt, jealousy or anger onto us whether we see it or not. Even our own children do it to us, it’s part of human nature. Being a parent is a lesson in itself and you don’t even need a license. Every child has its own karma that it is born with which only comes out through the lessons of life that we must all face. We can however transcend the way our mind works and be in control of our own destiny. Once we have the capacity to know what our ego self is doing and can see it as a separate way of thinking, we can gain the control over our own body and mind and use our capacity to study and learn we then have the willpower and determination to create whatever we want particularly if we have the right intention to do it for the sake of others. Whatever we see or think of as God never had any jealousy and it works much better to our higher good and driving force for someone else other than us as our love for others particularly our offspring can effectively be stronger than our self-love.

We all know practically there is no such reality as God, it’s just a name we give to the energy forces we don’t understand but the Bible does has  messages of good and bad for higher standards and morality of living. There are only Ten Commandments and if we could only live by them what a wonderful world it would be, but all religions have their dark side. It’s the essence of religion that’s important if we could only see the oneness of it and understand that the spirituality is actually capable of transcending the religion. There are people who have the position, the determination and the ability but not necessarily the right responsibility to transform the world and they must resonate at a higher vibration than most of us. Different people see the different sides of your conscious self and either like you, don’t like you or are indifferent but similar energies attract each other, especially in the power of the mind and the way we work and think about the world we see. It’s the same whether we are small minded thinkers or global abundance warriors, we hang out with and attract only those that we agree with and do the same as us, whether we notice it or not. Our energy and thinking can be higher than our minds or our body just takes over. We all think but everything is linked and we can see other peoples thoughts in how they look, what they wear, do, say etc. and of course in the adverse of what they don’t do. There is very little that is private or even taboo these days particularly when we work, rest and play with others that vibrate on our frequency.


Endeavour to only be with people that inspire your thinking.

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