Inspiring Intention

Inspiring Intention

Today is my brother’s birthday. He lives in Australia and I haven’t seen or spoke to him for a couple of years. I had intended to make contact many times before today but life gets in the way. I might not even get chance today. I don’t have to wish him happy birthday or have any communication until next time we catch up because as brothers we will just take up from where we left off last time. A sibling bond is something that needs no celebration it just exists as it is. Merely remembering his birthday and our childhood is sufficient. Relative and family bonds for many can have negative connotations as well as the positive benefits they should have. The more I see and hear of the breakdowns in family relations, illnesses and emotional issues, the more I realise how blessed I have been and continue to be and how some peoples pain, from those closest to them, can last a lifetime. I have memories of childish rivalry alongside boyhood fun. Every person is, and has a right to be different even from their relatives but without a close family bond to someone who can share love without conditions how can any of us connect to our inner selves? That vital knowing of who we are needs nurturing.

Last week I went to a spiritual mastery path meeting where the speaker based his whole talk around intention. Whilst in essence he covered a major part of creating true happiness, for me he was somewhat lacking in his content as intention has to be a part of everything we do and intention can be just as ill-conceived as anything else unless it is inspired by something of value. The following morning I arrived early for a meeting and found myself in a quiet empty car park. I took the spare time to concentrate on manifesting something I wanted with focussed intention on the object but not the path to get it as I would normally do.

Low and behold within 24 hours that possession had appeared in my life as a gift of mammoth proportions I was certainly not prepared for. Rarely are we able to read all the signals that come our way to be able to understand the power of our own intention and yet if that intention has no inspirational structure we are unable to comprehend how much damage we could do if we direct it wrongly. I suspect few of us actually intend to do anything wrongly on purpose but unless we are on our true life purpose we are likely to do most things wrong anyway.

My soul mate and I have made our own intentions for what we want to bring into our lives, what we want to make our home into and what we want to create in our businesses. We look at these regularly to see if we are in line and moving forward with our intentions. By having the details to refer back to we are able to check our intentions on a regular basis. On our last journey through our intentions, they were so similar we decided to amalgamate them so we work with only one set. I fully intended to type up the concise version last night but yet again other things got in the way. Had I written down that my intention was to type up our intentions it probably would have been done. The power of the written word is incredible, planning in our head rarely achieves anything, planning in document form gives us a focus and understanding of what, when and why we should be doing the things that we need to do. As a young man there were lots of things that I intended to do that never materialized usually due to the involvement, or lack of interest of other people with whom I thought I had parallel beliefs. Intention alone simply isn’t enough unless it’s heightened and actioned by inspiration. I keep a separate folder on my computer for anything inspirational and even create notes on my phone when I hear things that could inspire action.

We can create intention in anything we do but when we look closer at the meaning it really comes down to purpose. Purpose in our belief and vision for what we want for ourselves and others. Purpose in our communication and the love we give, receive and share with others. Purpose in our being to push ourselves further than ever before. And purpose in our appreciation and gratitude of everything we have. We can have mindfulness about everything we do, we can have intention about everything we want to do but we have to have the purpose to do it to actually make any difference. Mindfulness, intention and purpose would complete the trilogy of self-awareness that could really start to drive us to do something of value no matter how hard that may be. We could include determination but that is created from the others. We could claim inspiration but that is the combined force of the others. We could suggest passion but that is the value of the outcome of the others. Last night we had dinner with someone who would fit all the categories with their Enchanted Child project which we know will be a great success for her. We bring about the things in our lives that work in synchronicity to our own mindful intention and purpose. The Universe attracts what we want when we want it if we only know how to ask for it.

Endeavour to find inspiration to be mindful of intention and purpose.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits.

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