Just Another Day

Sometimes went we want something badly we wish away time to get there faster. Today is just another day but I’ve been looking forward for over a week to meeting someone I’m seeing tonight. The days go quick enough as it is and I can rarely fit in all I want to do, but there are things in life that excite us and people that can bring cheer into our hearts. It’s one of those very type of people I’ll be enjoying the company of this evening. There should never be just another day as we should be grateful for each new day as it’s one we might never have had. Some people get mixed up between gratitude and appreciation. One is where we give thanks for what we have and the other is seeing the value of what we have. Both are equally important in their own way and we have to have both to be fully rounded in the things we do and the things we get.

There are certain people who have neither and again during the last week I have come across one such person that has taken advantage of an unsuspecting investor. How can these people live with themselves? How can they enjoy life when they must know that no one can trust them? Without integrity what have we? It’s pitiful really as they usually take from those who are most vulnerable and can afford it least. I’ll be doing all I can to track him down and recover my clients funds, you can be sure of that any day of the week.

I spent three days with likeminded business people in London at the weekend. It was great fun, thought provoking and educational. Around a thousand of us starting early, doing high energy activities and finishing late, of course it’s a big sales drive but the enthusiasm of so many with similar hopes and desires for the future is incredible. You can generally tell who will make the money, they’ll be early risers. For many of us the working day starts when sun comes up and carries on well into the night. That’s because what we do is such a pleasure not a chore. What would we do if we did not do the things that make us happy? We really have to put ourselves first, it’s not being selfish, it’s about being in a position to be able to help others. When we are strong we come from a positive place that helps those that need it, when we are weak, we come from a negative place that needs help. The more we can give the better and stronger we are. There is no crime in being wealthy provided that wealth has come from integrity. There is wealth in health, there is wealth in happiness, and there is wealth in money. Real wealth is having all three in sufficient quantities that we can help others to achieve wealth for themselves.

The real value of events for me is in the people that I meet and network with. It’s surprizing just who you meet, there are the same old faces you see time and again, those who think the same way, but always there are new attendees. Even though this has been the third time I’ve attended this same seminar I always connect with people who want to create, or who have created or who want to promote their creation. Most businesses are providing something, it’s the value of what we provide that is so important. When we ask the right questions of ourselves we can change our outlook, our emotions, and our wealth. In any situation we can focus on what will make us feel better or what is already making us feel bad. Whatever you look for you will find, you have to be looking for the right things, asking the right questions not dwelling on what has happened but thinking of what can be. There are many techniques that can help with changing the way we think but ultimately it’s all in our own mind. Nothing has meaning other than the meaning we give it.

We can create anything in our own world, we can change anything, and we can be anything we want. The way we think about and do anything is the way we think about and do everything. We can create good habits just as easily as we can create bad ones. Managing ourselves is often harder than managing others. We sometimes need to be harder with ourselves to get across what we need to do to achieve our goal. Managing money was one of the big teachings of the weekend. How to separate what we earn, to pay for what we need, and to keep us balanced and growing. We need to grow in everything we do, it can’t be underestimated. Growth is one of the necessities of life, without it we are dying. Each area of our life should be growing or learning continually. Simply changing the way we describe our emotions can change the way we feel. Changing the way we view life can bring about everything we want.

Much as I love events and networking however, there is always the catch up when we get back to the reality of day to day working. Here again learning to manage our output by controlling what comes into us makes life happier. The modern emailing conundrum is one of the most daunting of tasks. How do you read, control and answer so much information? Why do we even receive so much information should be the first question to ourselves? Do we need to start filtering what we get? It’s surprising what a difference it can make when we can sort the value from the dross. We have to de-clutter our work life, our home life and our heads to enjoy the space and freedom of every day. Life is good when we look forward with joyous anticipation.

Endeavour to treat every day as a special day.

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