Know What You Really Want From Life


Do you know what you want? How do you know what you think you want is actually what you do want? Is it the case that as soon as we have something we wanted, we want something else? How soon does the novelty wear off something no matter how much it cost? Even in relationships too, people rarely actually know what they want. They often know what they think they want but the reality is something different. This came up in conversation last week particularly where women and the men they want are concerned. Whilst the majority of women say, think and often believe the want a man that is open to their feminine side, when it comes down to what makes them passionate and lustful it is often the bad boy image and treatment that wins out over simple emotional connection. The naughtiness factor comes into play as most of us get excitement living on the edge rather than staying neutral. Many women find being embarrassed and vulnerable in a none threatening way very stimulating, whilst most men are unable to resist the charms of a woman who is confident and voluptuous. At a party I was told there are two types of men in Romania, those that like voluptuous women and those that pretend they don’t. It’s very likely true for the whole world.

Why would it be that some men whilst not attractive, physically fit or even particularly intelligent are a magnet for women whilst others are unable to converse in the company of more than two women? Likewise how can it be that some women, again with none of the attributes you would expect to be alluring, are able to pick and choose their relationships by purely standing in their power? Few of us, male or female understand or value the power of our attitude, to the way we think and our ability to seize or even create opportunities to manifest our dreams. Through mediation we can raise our consciousness and appreciate more but we can also develop ourselves for the modern world, rather than fall into the trap of thinking we need healing. When we are confident and happy with our life why do we need healing? From what are people seeking healing? Many of us have suffered traumas and problems with everything from parents to siblings, teachers to friends, colleagues to enemies and yet we often see those who should need healing, are more able to cope than those who are trying to heal them.

When we can see negativity as a separate element that damages our thinking, our health and our connectivity isn’t it time to put it aside. There are ways to change our thinking, just like there are ways to change our job, our health or our concern for others. However there seems to be a large number of people trying to tell others things they should be able to work out for themselves. What few people seem to be able to do, is be gracious enough to value the air they breathe, the food they eat and the water they drink, let alone everything else we have. We don’t have to look far to find commodities in short supply in what is supposed to be a modern world. How will our grandchildren’s grandchildren manage with what we leave for them? Perhaps by then we will have farmed other galaxies. Often the more we give to help others; the worse we can be opened to the treatment of over active egos spoiling life. Someone said “We need to be more concerned with our character than our reputation, because our character is what we really are, whilst our reputation is only what others think of us”. True words indeed because we are seen throughthe eyes of many but only our own perception of us as what really matters.

Once we believe we can be physically fit, can value ourselves as being physically fit and can connect with our higher thinking around being physically fit, we can be physically fit without actually struggling. That goes for most things we want in or out of life. Watching Andy Murray become the Wimbledon Singles Champion on Sunday shows just what someone can achieve when their attitude is right and yet the loser was so magnanimous in defeat he deserved full recognition for his part. It’s said true happiness is when what you say, what you do and what you think are in harmony, but you have to find the direction and strategy to move your passion, purpose and pride forward in life. This last week has seen a beautiful time of passionate people doing their little bit for the world. We don’t have to be seen to be doing anything as long as we are doing our own bit to help those who need it. Someone valuing your advice is a positive reward in itself. When we realise there is a massive difference between truth and facts, we can see how facts can obscure the truth and lead us all to make massive mistakes. We are defined by what we stand for so we have to take a stand for ourselves. We can only harness our own power by being master of ourselves not the victim of our own thinking. Love what you do, think love, appreciation and gratitude in everything and most of all love yourself.

Endeavour to know what you really want from life.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits. Visit his property website HERE

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