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Tomorrow I’m heading to Heathrow for a four day event on public speaking. In many ways I’m looking at this as being my last educational event. I wonder how much time and money I have spent on personnel development over the years and how much I have actually benefited from it. I don’t feel any different and I certainly don’t remember everything I’ve heard but one supposes that on some level it has actually gone into my head. At some point I simply have to put all my learning into practical use. In reality I need to learn about marketing. Promoting myself and what I do to help others. The more I’m out there the more people will benefit from my experiences and the more I’ll appreciate my own self worth.

Out of the six books I’ve written , I’ve only published one so far – why? Admittedly I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing them but they contain a whole lot of valuable information condensed into useful and easy to follow practical instructions on many business ideas, opportunities and thinking. I really must do some self examination and set new goals and time lines for getting things done. So much of our lives are taken up with the trivia of work we really don’t get the chance to use our creative skills or shape things the way we want. For me its administration and emails that just seem to be an ever growing mass. As soon as I delegate something that’s weighing me down along comes a whole lot more to take its place. I think it’s called growth.

We can grow in other ways than business or financially. We need to grow personally in our own learning, physically, emotionally and spiritually so we can help others to grow. These are far more important aims than trying to increase the bank balance. Last week I spoke of the sad loss of a loved one. This week I have new love in my life, not to replace the loss or fill the void but to add to as part of a life long journey to reach a goal of divine connection with a certain soul that was destined to be my partner for the latter years of my life. We have to reach a certain age before we can break our life up into sections and evaluate where we come from, where we’ve been and where we’re going to. We all only have a limited time to create a legacy and none of us are dead until we’re forgotten but leaving something tangible must be more rewarding.

There are some beautiful things in this world, most of them made by nature. There are some wonderful people who deserve to be revered for their thinking and kindness, or their art and vision or their ability in any way and then there are the masses that only succeed in our own lives which is perfectly good too. The problem occurs when we want to do more than we have done or want to be recognised for our efforts. For many of us a simple thank you speaks a volumes and if those younger than us remember us for their whole life then our own existence can be manifoldly more pertinent. Today I heard of someone giving birth to their first baby, how nice would it be to remembered by children of future generations for something we start now.

Endeavour to help youngsters to learn.

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