Life Balance

It’s not every week you get to pass on your mistakes to somebody’s advantage but that’s what happened to me with a business I should have closed last year. At the time it seemed clear to wind it up as it had lost its momentum and was taking up more time than it was worth. Then some young professionals suggested it was too valuable and I should try to find someone who would be interested in taking it on as a going concern. They effectively changed my mind and then followed six months of the most gruelling problems which brought the business to its knees. I’ve cursed them more than once for changing my mind and it finally ceased trading at the end of July. Incredibly two weeks later I have someone who wants to take it over and so I might get back all the money it cost me – hurrah.

So often this happens when we least expect it and it always makes a real surprize. It’s the law of attraction really; as it’s not what you think about something but the way you think about it that makes all the difference. The importance of our own thinking, questioning and answering can’t be stressed enough. Being really clear about what we want and why we want it is only for the first step in accomplishing our goals. Sometimes we need to make a commitment or even make a statement to our friends, colleagues’ and possibly even the public at large. When we state our commitment to doing something it has more power, it creates leverage on us to follow through and do what we say. To make new patterns of behaviour we have to interrupt the existing pattern, it’s no good making the same mistakes over and over again.

How do you measure the quality of life? Do we have good habits that create health, wealth and happiness or are we controlled by bad habits that damage our thinking, create negatives in our lives and become our masters? To achieve change in what we do or receive, we have to break the existing patterns of thought as what has gotten us to where we are now will not get us to where we want to be. It’s a moving target too, so we always need to be able to adapt our thoughts and actions to achieve new levels of personal or professional success. The internet and technology has made many of us see change very obviously, but that same beast continues to change around us so much, that we would struggle to report on it as our information would be out of date very quickly. What we want is to make ourselves have disciplined thinking.

We really want to lead a life of balance and harmony in everything we do. It’s very possible to control our mind, body and emotions to create and achieve what we want from relationships, finances or any other fulfilments to feel a sense of passion, joy and control over life. We need to start with a belief. The kind of person other people perceive you to be controls their responses to you. We all have a need for consistency in our olives and our convictions will determine our ways of thinking. All of us act out our own views of who we truly are. Whether that view is accurate or not is another matter. To change what we feel or receive we have to alter our own image of ourselves before we can change how others see us which ultimately will give us what we want.

Endeavour to balance how we think of ourselves.

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