Life Without Limits

Life Without Limits

We can never outperform our own self-image so working on our self-image is nothing to be ashamed of, and the more of it we can do the more we gain confidence. We should all be entitled to have everything we want from life but few of us even know what that is. I recently found a list of twelve things I wanted to achieve before a certain date with four of them as absolute essentials. Only one of those twelve have I actually done and yet I am seen by many as a person who does what he wants and gets what he wants without even trying. It’s strange as I look at the list because some of them are not even hard or expensive, but I had set myself certain hurdles over which I wanted to get before doing the various things on the list. Perhaps I had set my aims too high or my reasons weren’t powerful enough but as I re-examine it I still want to do all the things on it. To do anything in life we have to look at what we want, why we want it and how we go about getting it. I think setting a certain goal which has been incredibly hard to attain has hampered my progress but do I reduce my wants, increase my effort or reset my goals? I had also set a time line which is now just over a year away, so there’s still a chance. When I look at what I have achieved since writing it nearly four years ago I see I have actually surpassed what I wanted but not in the way I expected. Life can throw all sorts of mixed up metaphors at you and the most valuable lessons are learnt on the way to success, but if you have the benefits without realising the goals you set, where do see the accomplishment?

How naïve was I when I wrote the list to want so many practical things without even realising that there were other things I wanted and really needed far more? Often we can’t see the wood for the trees as we flounder around in a sea of mixed perception, self-pity and guilt. We have nothing to be sorry for, nothing to regret, nothing to fear if we choose not to. We have so much opportunity, so much passion and so much purpose if we only choose to seek it.The top three per cent of the country’s wealthiest people create their success by writing down their goals but simply writing them down is not enough. We need to take action and deliver our desires into reality. Do you ever put off making decisions? Do you ever delay taking action or just let plans slip?Can you remember a time when you have shared an issue or challenge with a trusted friend? They may have given you their own viewpoint, shared their ideas or built on yours so that the discussion has brought about a way forward that is clearer or more manageable? Setting your goals and sharing with others creates accountability where you hold yourself and others accountable to do what you said you would do and to benefit from the experiences of others. The result can be achievement, change and success. When we make a short, medium and long term plan for our visions, we can produce a strategic plan to bring them about. Unless we share our challenges, issues, advice, guidance and ideas we won’t grow or be a part of other people’s success either.

Some believe we should know our limits particularly with practical matters, but numerous studies show that our subconscious creates a conflict of belief particularly around wants and wealth. Our physical, emotional and financial barometer has probably been in our heads since early childhood without us realising and it can actually sabotage our health, happiness and fortunes.We often do things to stop us getting what we want simply by not realising the more we learn, the more we can earn and the more we can contribute to others. The education we need isn’t necessarily what is taught by teachers but possibly knowledge of a structure of how to bring about what we want. We can ask for help from our God or we can ask for forgiveness or we can appreciate and be grateful, to fill us with love for what is, so we can positively move forward to sustain what we have and be capable of receiving more. There is a definitive flow to life’s energy and we can choose to be as involved or not in its flexible experience. Misconception is the great enemy of truth and yet the truth can be different for all of us. We are each our own world so we have to bring about our own worthiness. Taking charge our own thinking and making the decisions to put us in the driving seat to master our own desires is critical.

Much of what we do or don’t do is due to fear, we need to deal with fear, feel it but not identify with it. When we welcome fear, welcome pain and welcome understanding, we embrace our journey and become our own expert. We should put our energy into being alive and enjoying every minute or the oasis of hope becomes a barren desert. We each need a compelling value proposition to offer the world as our primary purpose. When a largeamount of people are disappointed not to be on the same journey as you, you will control the art of optimisation. A platform for ideas is not the same as a platform for action, nor is it a platform for change. Unless we are willing to challenge current thinking and be a champion for safer, healthier, happier living we are unlikely to develop anything of lasting value for ourselves or anyone else. Intention must accompany every action, thought and communication and unless we support developing projects and people, the nature of humanitarian understanding, communities and organisations will be the sad losers.

Endeavour to see and think deeper than what’s on offer to the masses.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits. Visit his property website HERE

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