Loneliness is the universal problem of rich people. ~ Joan Collins.

A lot of loneliness stems from trust issues. That’s perhaps why a lot of rich people are essentially lonely. As Christmas looms large those without a close compassionate relationship feel loneliness all the more. It can be a very sad time of year for many people. Being alone is a sure sign of old age, but even the young can suffer significantly from it. Social acceptance, particularly amongst teenagers, is a powerful feeling. It would be wonderful to think that modern communications could create stable communities that would avert loneliness. Whilst we are all so much better connected, people can also feel isolated much easier. Many put their energy into work or sport or sadly into alcohol or substances to overcome the pain of loneliness.

Even the famous seek to overcome loneliness as they struggle with their ego to look within themselves. Often growing from early relationship difficulties that builds in the subconscious, without real love people feel isolated. It is by no means a simple pain to alleviate when you are emotionally hurt, or physically at a loss. A spiritual unity can help, it’s something that can be overcome with assistance and a regular practice for instance Seven Kriya. Through finding a deeper connection to something other than a want, we are able to be happier and therefore become more attractive to others.

Understanding the needs of others helps us to find a better place in our own thinking. However, there’s a massive difference between solitude and loneliness. The worse affected by loneliness may appear outwardly to be popular and have many friends. They may even shroud their loneliness under a veil of pretence. Some of the most well-known names have suffered at different stages of their lives.

Our growing community at Blissland offers friendship and happiness through deep understanding. The Happy Vibe personality profiling tool and the Seven Steps to Success can really help. Both these programs are geared to guide understanding of the self and others. By knowing who you were born to be, you can work toward a more connected future. Through finding your ultimate purpose you can be driven to create something bigger than yourself. Living with intention can leave loneliness behind and give a fresh impetus to life.

Our Awakening Bliss day is designed to help those who want to find love. The Seven Jewels relationship program enables a better understanding of existing relationships. The Yang Gang monthly meetings are an afternoon for men to find solace with other men. Christmas can be a particularly lonely time, whether your struggling to find space in your own head or love or even hope, we’re here to help. http://www.blissland.co.uk

Try to befriend someone and make this holiday season special xx.

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