Long Haul Love

Some people are saying that the estimated growth in the economy of 0.3% for the first quarter of 2013 is good news. The fact that we as a nation, have debts to repay of over £1.2 trillion is only a small matter that our grandchildren will have to sort out. A recent report claims that more over sixty year olds are filing for bankruptcy than ever before. I don’t even know how this information filters through to me when I don’t watch television or read newspapers. The sad facts are that these realities extend into people’s lives like never before. High inflation won’t scale down the problems that every day folk are facing and hearing of several suicides over the last weeks has made me appreciate the innate difficulty that is very real in many lives. Whilst I know that positive thinking helps me, opening other people’s awareness to appreciate the situations, opportunities and benefits right in front of them is not always so easy. The pain many people suffer is directly related to their inability to love themselves, what people crave is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by becoming the person that brings it about. The greater our capacity to love ourselves, the greater our capacity to love others and therefore the greater our capacity to take pain and forgive others.

There are times when we hold onto baggage; physical clutter, emotional problems and spiritual misunderstandings are all heavy items that weigh us down everywhere we go, in everything we do at all times of day and night. We are not necessarily responsible for the negativity that comes our way but we are responsible for what we hold onto. We can find the direction and strategy to move our passion, purpose and pride forward to enhance the love in our life rather than expect someone or something else to change our lives for us. We can only achieve what we want and often it can be blindingly obvious that although we think we want something, we can’t be specific and positive about that thing, instead choosing a cloudy vision and the opposing thoughts of what we don’t have in place of it. This ludicrous thinking going on in our heads must have stopped so many people from fulfilling their personal happiness. What most people want is within their grasp if they can only get their thinking right. True happiness is about congruence, whether that be your passion for another person, passion for your life’s work or passion to understand, win or create something. Without passion there is no energy to move forward with anything, we just have to channel it right.
Whatever we want is quickly lost if it comes about too easily. I was reading about the lottery and pools winners who won big time but soon lost the lot. Without the right mind set for wealth we’re better off without it. Apparently farmers fall into the same trap when they sell up after a life of assets and no cash they suddenly have cash which they fritter away and then have no assets to fall back on. Unless we are open to receive the energy of what we want we are lost in the sea of the Universe’s abundance yet when we connect to the flow of the Universe’s energy we can easily manifest our dreams. So much surrounds communication and understanding which works both ways in being able to be fully present and properly listening not just speaking. Being mindful of what we say to others will improve all our relationships and business dealings. Steering clear of negativity and gossip and seeking inspiration and integrity will enhance everything we do. Energy can flow to desperation just as easily as it can to success. Achieving anything is the continued flow of energy toward it. Be it life or death, war or peace, love or hate. There is no pain in reality, pain is only a symptom of an action or more commonly multiple actions to which none of us are completely able to avoid.

When someone takes their own life they leave behind them a hole in other people’s lives. Often that can be people that have never even know them. People grieve for themselves not the person who has gone. There is the pain of not having them in their lives anymore, there is the pain of guilt from not stopping them or not even realising that they were so desperate and there is the pain of trying to understand what they have done in the context of the world as they saw it. The same elements of physical, emotional and spiritual deprivation or imbalance that led them to the crisis combined with the effect of whatever was happening in their environmentto create their misery is exactly the same energy that could have given them everything they wanted. The only difference being that it was flowing in the wrong direction. There are times to swim against the tide but often even the strongest swimmers get it wrong. Finding, knowing and projecting our values, our mission and our culture are similar problems we encounter by thinking too much, associating our own perceptions on situations and not following our intuitive, instinctive, innocence. For some of us there’ll never be a chance to find it anymore. There are those who want it but haven’t yet realised where to look to find it, and there are those that have it, appreciate it and give gratitude for it. I think I know where I’d rather be.

Endeavour to love yourself so you can love others and feel loved too.

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