Love Equals Contentment and Fulfilment.

Love Equals Contentment and Fulfilment.

Leaving a rainy Manchester for the sunshine in Phuket wasn’t hard but the flight was an enlightening experience in how we need to take more care over booking our seats as we weren’t even sat together on the first leg of the journey.  It’s not my idea of fun to sit next to a boring grumpy person but it didn’t really matter as the on board entertainment was more than sufficient company. Often we don’t realise how much of anything is available to us without investigation and that goes for most things we want in life. When we take time to stop and write a checklist on what we actually have, against what we really desire, the surprise is often that we have too much not too little. We came on this journey with the intent of learning Tai Chi and how we can use it to help people feel more love. After only two days of training I’m now much more comfortable with my own body and energy than I ever have been before. Arriving here, we found out our cases were still in Doha, we simply laughed off the problem and made contingencies to deal with the challenge. Others in the same situation were not nearly so easy going and immediately went into negative mode even though what they actually needed was very little. It even taught me how much less I could manage on and how next time I don’t need to pack everything. One of the last things we were asked before leaving England was had we made a will? That’s not really a good way to look at anything from a negative viewpoint. The more we see something likely to happen the more likely it is to happen.  We were able to laugh it off and make the best out of what was said. Few people are able to do this as we have encountered many miserable people on their holidays. When do they expect to be happy if not on their holidays?

We’ve already learnt that unconditional love is not enough to overcome bad energy. Many so called healers haven’t yet worked out how to heal themselves and yet they purport to be able to help others. Chi is energy and the practice of Tai Chi is to hold that energy within our auric field and manipulate it to our best use. Like any energy or self-development work it starts with a wholesome existence and approach to life, so nutrition and moderation is imperative. We have to find a state of equilibrium before we are able to balance our body and mind. The more we heal ourselves, whether that is through forgiveness or emotional understanding, the happier we become. Once we have awakened the inner smile and allowed it to flow through to our mind and face we are able to feel a degree of contentment and fulfilment that others will notice and bring about the desire for love we all feel. This in itself is quite an awakening that is a must for all humanity to understand if we are to progress as a society and not agree with greed. In reality we are enriched by what we can do without; not what we possess. Evolution has separated man from the animals due to the survival instinct and intelligence of human beings.  Whilst we are self-conscious of our bodies it is our emotions that determine our personality. Through understanding comes non-judgemental compassion and the consciousness of life’s desires. We have to regularly transform our selves or we cannot grow and without growth we die. Everything must have consciousness and it is normal and healthy to be selfish as we must ensure our own happiness/safety/wealth before we can help others.

The law of the jungle no longer exists in modern society but in the minds of many we still have the archetypal feelings of the hunter or the homemaker. Consciousness is whatever we perceive it to be but to go beyond our present understanding is where we will get the most value. The pry angle of the physical, emotional and spiritual harmony is no longer based on the need for survival, nor should it be for any need of luxuries or sex. To create our own personal abundance we need to raise our vibrations and not allow our physical bodies to slump, be tense or rush for food. Whilst hunger is a very real feeling, when we are mindful of everything we do including eating, we are unlikely to lose energy by being overweight or under nourished as we are more able to control ourselves, be more confident and have our energy rising which in turn will help us to do more exercise and think more positively about ourselves. It is good to look at ourselves daily and ensure we expand our thinking with positive beliefs rather than deplete our energy with negativity. It is so easy to be drowned by our bad thinking that we spend so long thinking about something we are unlikely to transcend it. So much of our brain is subconscious programming, that if we are unable to avert our poor thinking into desirable thoughts, we are unlikely to be able to forgive ourselves or others to create anything other than a hard time.

Love can be a ritual journey from the heart if we can remove our ego. Understanding heals and creates compassion, whereas if our heart is closed by our self-importance we are likely to feel the ravages of pride, jealousy and complexity. When we can raise the vibrational resonance of our desires to create something artistic or abstract rather than work on numbers and calculations of financial wants, we are able to emotionally detox our thinking into a radiance state. We all need love to cope with life and that can only be achieved by changing what we do now to change our future. It can be difficult to change the past but if we need to then we must change how we think about it in the here and now. We can never take away pain to find contentment and fulfilment without taking away the thoughts that cause that pain.

Endeavour to find love by changing your thinking about yourself today.


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