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Since last week I’ve attended a number of events and as usual viewed them from the periphery rather than getting overly enthusiastic as some people do. The first was storytelling where more people wanted to talk than listen which is a common fault with many of us. The second was property investment where a man much older than me put everyone to shame with his abundant energy. Next day was a business show in London where more people seemed to be scared of selling or too busy with their own lives to be bothered. Then at the weekend came an event on social attraction, teaching people how to be more attractive to get better relationships. There were a few haughty one’s there for sure, but it was interesting to see how many people need help with something that really should be natural. Do we actually want to come over as something we’re not to anyone? Why would we want to make a first impression on someone that isn’t the natural us? So much of beauty isn’t in the way we look or the shape of our body as it’s in the energy we give out. Our aura goes before us. It outshines our intellect; otherwise we may have solved many of the human problems by now. Just like most things we have to be moving, growing and learning to be able to bridge the gap between stagnation which ultimately leads to regression and spiritual progression which is essentially the awakening of love.


Meditation helps bridge the gap, the more people meditating the more peace we will see in the world however, many people simply are not capable of silence whether with other people or in their own head. I missed yoga this week but even there where people are supposed to feel spiritually connected; I doubt the understanding of many participants, some seem no closer to understanding anything more than their ability to be flexible. Not that that’s a bad thing, if a few more people had been flexible at this last week’s events we may well have learnt more and done more business. Many people have the problem of quieting their minds, yet between each thought they have the perfect peace if only they could expand it. Some believe our mind lives on after us in the ether and may even return to another body in another generation. I’ve always considered everything fits into the eternal triangle and the mind is no different through what it believes, what it thinks and what it understands. We must reconcile every situation in our own mind before we are able to move on from it, we always believe ourselves to be right but we also blame ourselves for what goes wrong. The consequences of our beliefs are the thoughts that we create. We understand our own thoughts and argue or have tension against anyone that is not fundamental to our way of thinking. Whatever anybody thinks are their own thoughts not anybody else’s.


Paradoxically we all think the same way though, we all have good and bad thoughts otherwise the world wouldn’t have the nuclear capability to destroy itself so many times over. With greed and fat cats throughout industry, banking and politics there is little hope for awakening the masses as generally all the weakest people want to do is be one of the strongest for their own sake. The only way we are able to assess our heightened sense of awareness is by using the power of the mind to assess our own thinking and understand that only the way we think about things is the difference between being more conscious, more alive, more attractive and ultimately being more grateful for everything we have. The dark nights and cold, wet weather do nothing to brighten our conscious thinking. The sun, sea and sand can certainly help most of us to feel happier so why do so many of us take what we have around us for granted instead of trying to change it. We can all have times of low ebb but the skill is to learn to vibrate above it by completing anything that has been left unfinished, removing anything that is cluttering us up and making amends for the emotional hurt we have received or given throughout our life. This isn’t talking about being trapped in the past or going through reams of treatments to overcome issues it’s about being in control of our own life.


Sometimes healing from hurt can be hard work, but all pain is learning, when we are awakened we are empowered, and standing in our own power we are beautiful and loved by those who can appreciate what we give out. When we are loud and thoughtless, we are only attractive to those without depth, the primordial beings that want more for themselves without wanting to help those who don’t help them. When we think with our heads rather than following the feelings of our hearts we learn from the contrast of experiences instead of from the internal natural innocent beauty of our selves. Nobody wants to be ordinary but neither do they want to stand out as a point of shame or embarrassment so by looking to our higher self we are able to have better experiences of everything we do even though we become vulnerable by our own actions. Leaving ourselves open to the criticism of others is not a way to feel fulfilled but is potentially a way to learn how to understand how to attain higher awareness and thereby feel more rewarded in life. Only lessons in appreciation and gratitude really matter before we die. Today I read Jack Canfields quote ‘gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilling life’ giving it brings more abundance, health and happiness into your life, ignoring it brings pain. We have to protect our awareness and understanding; wouldn’t it be nice if we could help others achieve their own? Tomorrow I’m leaving for an inspirational time with my son and Tony Robbins in America.  We might have to protect ourselves from the big egos over there.


Endeavour to love the journey as well as the destination.

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