May Day May Day

The first of May isn’t necessarily a day to panic but it should certainly be a day for some serious thought as it signifies a third of the year gone. It’s an opportunity to look at what we have achieved so far in 2013 and at how we should be gearing ourselves up for the future. Too many of us measure our achievements in monetary or material terms when we really should be looking at physical health, emotional energy and spiritual connectedness. Our goals change as we change our values in life and meetings with young people over the last week have confirmed my inner feelings of peace and understanding by being able to see their exuberance for success coupled with the naivety of what they strive for. It takes stability to understand the energy of life that can be encompassed in the bathroom mirror when you ask if today were my last day what would I do? The real truths of who we are, what we want and what we do are often hidden from ourselves by our own vulnerability to external forces.Most of these outer pressures are caused by other people, what we think they think of us and what we often misguidedly think of them. Whilst there is also a major effect from our environment, much of that is also affected by the people we associate with as those who love and nurture themselves also pass that onto everyone and everything they come into contact with.

Before we hit our teens our personality is relativelyfixed. Whilst our first seven formative years are crucial to our understanding and inner contentment, our second seven years are open to the vagaries of misunderstanding, jealousy and greed and unless kept in check by loving guardians, siblings and ‘friends’ we can find the external environment of our teenage years hostile as we question what others think of us. The relationship with other people at this stage of our lives will often determine who we grow into. Whether we are accepted by the majority or in a minority of less critical associations will giveus the sense of belonging we all need for our own appreciation, comfort and wellbeing. When and if we ever find the right person or people to connect with is likely to be deemed during this period when our inner subconscious understanding of the world and what we truly desire is created.

The relationship we have with ourselves is realistically more important than the relationship others have with us as the first will be the decisive factor in making the second occur. The nature of our own self and our connectedness to the world around us will even establish who we come into contact with and why. Many of us fail to grasp the opportunities that swim around us every minute. When we take a straightforward insight into our personal behaviour we can identify the barriers that restrict us from getting what we think we want. Whether it be love, wisdom or wealth, if we understand how to manifest what we want we only have to know what we want to have it. Knowing what we want and knowing what we want looks like, can be very different things. The ability to visualise our goal in a descriptive manner can elude many of us so the path to achieving can be overgrown and cloudy too. When you paint your own masterpiece, thought by thought and choice by choice you discover your own vision, mission and culture to bring about the physical prosperity of your desires.

When we want something right now but can’t get it until some predetermined time set by others, we get frustrated and confused by the effects of supply and demand and yet the Universe works in exactly the same way only giving us what we want when we don’t want it for our own self-gratification. The more of us that want something for somebody else the sooner that person will have it, the more of us that try to keep something from somebody else the quicker they are likely to grasp it by any means possible but the more of us that want to share with somebody else the more everybody will have. When we follow our true intuitive, instinctive, innocence our wisdom will manifest itself. To love anyone or anything fully we must love ourselves fully first. The sooner we stop trying to find the right path or person the sooner they will find us. A more structured approach to balancing what we think say and do will reap rewards beyond avarice and allow the nature of the Universe to feed our spirit, understand our emotions and give us health and wellbeing to appreciate and give gratitude for. We only have one life to enjoy so each day we should be following our heart and staying true to ourselves. In this coming week I intend having a past life regression. I’m hoping to see not what has gone before but what I my own hidden thoughts think I have been through. Maybe I should be having May Day panics after all!

Endeavour to think in pictures, words and deeds.


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