Meditation Helps Intellectual Relationships

There comes a time when we have to look at the value of our relationships with everyone around us, what we give to each particular connection and what we receive from it. Instinctively we know in seconds if we don’t like someone, even though we might not know why they don’t resonate with us. Each of us give out signals, our persona usually speaks before we do. Do we have a happy open smiling aura that welcomes everyone, or are we closed in our own world and not sending out the vibes that others want to associate with? Relationship intellect or connectivity doesn’t just stem from the brain but also from our Solar Plexus. It is from here that confidence, courage and disposition flows, making this area potentially far more important to the relationships we have than what is in our heads. There are far more benefits to having the right relationship with ourselves before we even begin to examine the bigger picture. How do you rate your relationship with yourself? What are you telling yourself on a daily or even hourly basis? Unless we can understand what we are saying to ourselves we will struggle to believe in anything as big as our relationship with the Universe or God if you prefer. Much of our ability with any and every relationship comes from our own relationship with our parents. Both our mother and our father whether present or not had a major bearing on the formation of our childhood, enlightened parents help to create pathways for their children to expand their relationships and be more rounded and fulfilled adults.


The quality of the relationship with our present partner and our ex-partners gives a good indication of how we have moved forward in our personal development. Are we replaying the same story or have we learnt lessons from life? Your relationship with your own life can be looked at in terms of how happy you are overall. Our dreams tell us far more than we realise if only we can decipher them. In the primordial dream state we connect our higher conscious being to our subconscious and no one can manipulate your higher energy. We really should give thanks to anyone that help to set people free of what might be seen as nightmare living. Training helps us to hold a higher sense of proportion but there is no doubt we are far more alive when we are in love. Love charges us with a power that lights our way and brightens our darkest corners. It is our pituitary gland that helps balance our psychology but our physical body is also aligned to cycles and mood swings. Even our star sign or the effect of planetary influence has a bearing on our state of happiness and therefore our ability to relate to others. Through meditation, we can learn to rise above the influences of our environment and the collective psyche of others to reach our own powerful state of being.


There are many obstacles to meditation, silencing our mind is the first hurdle as the lower ego mind is so opinionated and refuses to be quiet easily. The level of our inner devastation from the past makes a massive difference to where we are now in light, shadow or complete darkness. You are not your ego mind, it is the aim of the ego to imprison you in self-gratification rather than allow you to see the illusion of what is going on outside as a reflection of what is happening inside you. Meditation is a journey of self-discovery. Nobody sees the world as you do, everything happens from within you. Meditation makes life clear from inside out and is becoming more main stream now simply because so many egotistical people are now destroying the precious world that belongs to all of us. Most problems and illnesses lie within people not outside and man should be able to put right any problem man has caused but the ego self has a bullying mentality. Those who create fear in others are very insecure in themselves and need to control others to bolster their own stature. When we fear loss we are allowing our ego self to take control. Greif isn’t the same as loss and doesn’t only stem from fear but from our lack of purpose and connectivity with another. People generally are very insecure and unreliable due to their lack of purpose or meaning in their life and leads to a want of stimulation to fulfil them. No wonder there are so many alcoholics, drug addicts and suicides!


People feel unworthy from guilt and their depleting energy leads to depression. Energy goes hand in hand with mood swings and there is a need to raise our resonance to get out of any darkness. Incredibly, sex can have a negative effect on most men by reducing their energy after ejaculation rather than increasing it whereas the opposite is generally true for the female. Only by the integrity of our own truth are we able to overcome any emotional problems as the mind has no logic in this regard. We are each born with a level of our self-ego that in maturity we need to either rise above or neutralise to become easier going to allow us to get on with others. Many of us have temper left over from our childhood that we have not released that can come out as we change our resonance with others. Greater expansion of our higher conscious self creates greater consistency of our personality. For most men I love you means I want more of you and that can be a controlling influence not yet neutralised from their own insecurity when they were young. There are many people that live and work on a higher vibrational frequency than the norm. They stand out from the crowd and set others free as opposed to the ones who want to manipulate you and control everything. Everyone is different and whilst many now seek self-awareness those on a lower vibrational level simply do not have the capacity to understand it, they think on a more animal instinct basis. Whilst we all connect on different levels and society needs all types of people to function I wouldn’t advise anyone to set up any sort of partnership with someone who isn’t compatible especially when there is an easy way to find out their level.


Endeavour to calibrate the higher conscious factor of your associates.

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