Meditation is Key

It’s a good idea before the panic and craziness if Christmas kicks in, to take some time out to reflect and empower ourselves for the pressures of the oncoming season. For the last weekend of November we organised a trip to a lovely country house hotel for some peace and quiet, the chance to get back to nature and the opportunity to recharge our batteries whilst contemplating how to move forward with life.
As it happened this year the 29th followed the weekend and so Monday became the best ME day for some time. Anyone not yet familiar with the ME day principle needs to consult Isonators Destiny for further clarification but basically it’s the one day a month when you put yourself before all else to promote healthy happy spirit to enable us to pass that on to others. My day is the 29th and this month started with an excellent Mae Li meditation session that helped me enormously as the cold and general pressures of work had taken their toll. Silence of Being: Guided Meditations for Inner Peace I managed to finish the book I was reading which certainly hadn’t lived up to its hype and got well into a new one which is considerably better, So all in all my weekend trip turning into three days of sheer delight. So now we hit December with all guns blazing and lots to organise. The weather that everyone is talking about concerns me very little when I have the year end of my business to consider which after the chaos of last year, has meant that this year I’ll be tightening the belt more than ever and looking for ways to save time, money and energy. The Utility Warehouse should start to come in its own this year after the news of price hikes for gas and the lins through should save you money and give you the chance to earn a little if your finding it hard. The new shopping genie is available free at to help with Christmas shopping and again if anyone wants to use it as an opportunity to earn just follow the link and look at being a distributer. Whatever you want to achieve, make sure you remember to take time for yourself and stay healthy. Try breathing exercises for times of stress. The best I have ever come across is part of the Li Mae technique. Find a quiet spot and either sit in a high back position or stand. Hold your thumbs and first two fingers into a loose pyramid on your knee or in front of your lap. Feet square together but slightly apart and then breathe in through the nose for a count of seven seconds and exhale out easily from the mouth. Repeat seven times and then go about your daily business without giving it more thought. It’s a very powerful exercise when done right and a few minutes spent doing that can give more value to all the hours running about. It doesn’t rid you of negativity though and for further advice on this you need to check out the Mae Li technique for yourself.

Endeavour to relax, to succeed. Happy to help. Lionel.

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