Meditation is Not a Spiritual Luxury

The word charity is synonymous with wanting and giving but it doesn’t have to be that way. Last week I attended an event put on by University personnel whose budget had ran out and were effectively out of work. Yet they didn’t go home and moan, they created something that was both practically useful for attendees and provided information to lobby government to support small businesses. The value of small business to the country as a whole needs to be appreciated, but the real value of a small business is to the owner who can live a life of freedom. When you have a shortage of something like money, it’s not the money itself you are short of it’s the life that can create that money. There is a secret to life and infinite abundance which is simply to say thank you, to appreciate and be grateful for everything. When we meditate regularly we can achieve anything through its expansive ability. Our mind plays tricks on us and pretends we are lacking something. We can easily transcend any feeling of lack by meditating and feeling the experience of spiritual value through love by being in love with life itself. When we love we give our time, attention, money etcetera willingly. We don’t give willingly to what we don’t love. To learn to love unconditionally, the way we were born, we need to feel the flow of life. To love more we must give more. Lack is a state of mind and yet we all have this spoilt child in us that simply wants more.


Our brain being the magnificent specimen of design that it is, plays tricks on us all. Instead of us living our life in the beauty of unconditional love for our fellow beings we choose to live in a sense of fear and lack. Once we have crossed the threshold to a spiritual journey there is no going back as we have seen life from a higher perspective like living in a dream state. We yearn for a better reality, yet we are only really alive when we understand that what we see as life, looks like life but is not real as the real life for us is lying underneath. Meditation brings out that inner being by surrendering your mind to the vast openness that gives you everything. Anything you complain about confirms your lack of appreciation for all that is. Just like our dreams are better than our version of the dream when we are awake, so too is the flow of spiritual energy more exciting when it spontaneously flows between connected Souls. Doing anything alone is not nearly as powerful as being part of a team as we empower ourselves by joining with others and playing at a higher level. The essence of life is the manifestation of what we want without wanting it. The less we want the more we have is always true, and when we have friends who can be truthful with us we know we have the support of someone who believes in us.


Karma is the journey of spiritual development and joining with another Soul will strengthen your heart, build your courage and remove any doubt about your power. Live in your power and you can help more people by doing what comes naturally to you. The more you do, the more you empower your spirit to do more. When we trust in something bigger than ourselves we can easily transcend life’s obstacles. To accomplish more we only need to love more. The Universe brings us the resources to love more when it’s needed. We only have to care and look after someone to be rich. Nobody can take away your spirit unless you choose to let them. To master a chosen art be generous in your giving and always ask how you can help more. Power can’t be yours unless you have earned it. It can’t be bestowed upon you unless you have learned how to use it. Meditation is the way to hold your own power; you can only show someone how to meditate you can’t give it to them. Regular meditation allows your fear to dissolve and your mind to expand into the true you. What we can conceive and believe we receive. What you see as reality is just a convenience, the real you is permanent and when we have combined spirits everything is easy.


Like energy, the gift of life is always with us if we only recognise it. We need to share our dreams whether that be for the good of a few or the benefit of many. The more people we help the more satisfaction we will receive from life. The weekend found us at a charity opera where people paid large sums willingly, to sit in what was once a cow shed, to listen to the power of song by amateurs which was truly an enlightening evening. When we value the experiences of our life whether good or bad and learn from them we learn about ourselves and our alter selves. The ego within us hates the truth and is threatened by our higher conscious thinking such that it can struggle to control itself other than by anger or criticism of us. When we are able to treat our inner thoughts as we treat our poorly pets we can forget about worrying for our survival as so many things will just come naturally. To know ourselves inside out is where meditation comes in. When we are hurt by what others say or we do not approve of others attitude to us or around us, we need to examine the seeds of pain within our own thinking straight away not leave it to fester and create emotional baggage. Having the space everyday to meditate and rid ourselves of pain isn’t easy in modern life and what could be cleared in minutes can take days to shake off. When we don’t ever get chance to see the possibilities of raising our consciousness through meditation we aren’t ever likely to be healthy as the emotional clutter will weigh us down.


Endeavour to enhance your power by simple meditation routines.

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