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I’m told today is National Mental Health day and how strange to hear from a spiritualist today of all days that she had seen something in me that seen had never seen before. Her vision was that I had a twin, and exact replica of me. She claims she could see us walking side by side and it is my twin that causes problems for me achieving what I want. Apparently one of us wants to be a successful businessman and the other wants to be completely immersed in spirituality. She says I’m a split personality but if the two come together I’ll be a schizophrenic so at that point I thought I’d better leave it. Spiritualist or not she may not be so far from the truth. I’ll check up with my mother of course but it does often seem that I want to be successful and yet I’m very happy in a spiritual environment needing nothing. There is a lot to be understood with our mental health though, and having the right balance of everything in our lives can help our mental state to produce what we want, instead of what the outside world imposes upon us.

Whatever walk of life we’re in, having the right mental attitude will get everything done so much easier and quicker. Habits are formed through our mental state and they can be either good like sensible money management or bad like smoking. When we have a good habitit should be nurtured and promoted to others, breaking a bad habit can be a challenge to our mental state and can lead on to many other problems. When we want to break a habit we have to realise that the way of thinking that has created where we are or what we’re doing needs to be changed to alter the habit. Clearing the debris, or de-cluttering our lives is an essential part of an on-going benefit of planning to reach our chosen goals. Seeing clear thinking as our ultimate need we can set ourselves a challenge to remove the negativity and enhance our lives with positivity. One of the important things about any problem is that we tend to focus on the actual problem rather than on the solution to overcome that problem. The more we indulge our thinking on the problem the bigger it will become.

Focussing on a solution is the best way for any leader to show his worth. The challenges we have in business can be enormous and yet often the simplest solutions can be the best all round. Finding that simple way forward can be an art, many of us tend to overcomplicate what we want to achieve by the way we want to achieve it and yet the well-known anagram KISS – keep it simple stupid is so often overlooked. We are all individually responsible for our own habits. We make them and then they make us what we are good or bad, happy or sad. Being in control of our mental state is no small feat. Realising what we need to create what we want is the basis for thinking how our mental state is related to our physical and spiritual state. Being in the right state of mind at the right time to get what we want is paramount to success. Often we focus on completely the wrong things thinking we are trying harder and harder but actually getting further away all the time.

Posing the right questions to ourselves to either construct something or break something like a bad habit takes a congruent mind-set; that can be so hard to maintain simply because we see the comforts of what we do as the way forward instead of the opposite. Any addiction is only eased by having or doing what is craved whereas the only way to break it is to do without. None of us are actually our behaviours, just the result of our conditioning of what we have been through up to this point in our lives.

Evaluating any information that we receive and acting upon it results in the wealth we have or don’t have as the case may be. Seeing the experiences we go through as lessons to move forward is invaluable. Regrettably I missed Donald Trump speaking at last weekend’s NAC event in London as I had to travel back to Manchester. By all accounts his talk was wonderfully inspiring simply by showing his ability to see things in simple terms, very black or white rather than clouding issues.

Today we had a meeting to simplify one of the businesses and make it better for those involved. We let the others give their proposals first and whilst they rightly had lots of valid points and concerns they were taken back when we offered them far more than they expected simply because it made sense and made it simpler for everyone concerned. They’ll have a few days of thinking time now before realising the best way forward is to benefit everyone.

Endeavour to think simply and clearly about the effects of everything.

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