Mentor Meeting Means Making More Money

I actually had a decision problem over what I should wear for the inaugural meeting with my mentor. That’s not like me! I have a system for most things and choosing what to wear is no different. Instead of taking the first one in the wardrobe shirt line and the last in the trouser line as usual, I decided to wear smart grey trousers and a black shirt. How was I to know when I got to our meeting point at the expensive upmarket hotel and country club that I would blend in nicely with the waiters? Hey no big deal, take me as I am or not at all and I don’t know why I even considered that I should have to look any different than normal but the events unfolded into an interesting and poignant discussion.

I think I astounded him by my lack of monetary forecasts and budget settings but he did attempt to instil into me some sense of financial needs even at this early stage. I find him very likeable I must say, and he comes with the excellent credentials of lots of big company experience. So what will he do for me and my businesses? Well I’d like to think that he’ll give me more structural direction and help me to use my time more productively. I have my personal goals set and clear but I need to share my vision with someone who can give me constructive criticism. I have my business plans and intentions laid out quite readily but not in monetary terms, not in actual figures which is how most businesses are supposed to work. How much will we make if we do this? How much will we save if we do that?

The ifs and buts can go on and on but for me if I like something and it feels right I go for it. This is probably a mistake like so many things I do. I know I’ve been gullible and have spent money foolishly but I’ve learnt a little about a lot and I think that became quite evident as we spoke. Making mistakes is all part of the learning curve. How many times do I have to make the same mistake before I learn? How would I rather be, confident in the ability and integrity of others or distrusting of everyone? We have to put our faith in trust at some point so I suppose it’s all down to building relationships and not being taken in too soon that keeps the money in our pockets but most of us can fall foul to greed. That’s the emotion that would stop me from investing wisely and have me risking everything for a bit more.

Crazy really especially when I can see the things I do wrong and do nothing about it. That’s where my mentor will hopefully step in and guide me and show me the errors of my ways. I guess at our next meeting (if he wants the challenge of a mixed up guy like me) will come down to facts and figures. It should be something I relish really, sorting out my finances, however it doesn’t seem to have the appeal it should. Why do something for money when you’re doing what you want to anyway? Well I suppose there is some good reasoning behind it, like paying the bills, creating for the future, saving for the unforeseen but it’s just not as exciting as doing what you want, when you want and seeing how much money comes your way.

I find it difficult to look at making money and then just do that for the sake of it. So many people I know even in jobs you would consider to be vocations, do it for the money and because of the pressure of others. I suspect many will find themselves in an early grave unfulfilled by their mortal existence. Variety and passion come into my everyday life. Gratitude for what I have, appreciation of what I sense, love of what I do, enlightenment of what I find, interest of what I learn, freedom to pick and choose and work with those I like, the ability to create and succeed are with me all the time. Money is a necessary part of this and there comes a time when you have to look at the hard facts. I hope he’ll succeed with me so I’ll get gratification from him so we can both feel we’ve achieved something positive. He hasn’t confirmed our next meeting yet, I can’t say I’d blame him to turn down a maverick like me. I hope not it’ll be an interesting journey. He did say he’d argue with me, so it may be more of a rollercoaster ride -only time will tell.

Endeavour to be fulfilled…..happy to help…….as always.

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