Money often costs too much. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Money can be seen as the value from serving others for the greater good. A winning idea is one that serves others, and is executed with determination, enthusiasm and love. It should be easier to make money when we embrace change and technology. Money is currency, it flows from you, through you and back to you. When we spend our precious time doing low value tasks, we undermine the wealth we can make. We all need people we can learn from, people we can laugh with and enjoy being with, and people to lead who can learn from us.

Why do you try to fit in when you were born to stand out? Being different and overcoming fears by removing your limiting beliefs creates the shadow self that is rich. Shifting your identity can make way for a new destiny. A new persona can change your behaviour as it offers a shield for you to live safely. However you make your wealth though, don’t let money rule your life. Finding new ways to convey an old idea or having a crazy idea can change your life and transform your work. The love of money is not a good thing; however the creation of wealth can bring a new freedom to the body, mind and soul. You need to have finance in your head and love in your heart. You should not have to work hard for money, money should work hard for you.

No one’s credit is as good as physical money in the bank. Somethings are more valuable than money, like love or a good reputation, yet people still suffer with them all. Wealth should be a flow between the here and now and the future aims and goals. Most people who are affluent actually seem to have more problems than those without wealth. Whilst money makes life easier, it doesn’t necessarily make anyone any happier because it needs to be managed. Like a good relationship, money is far easier made than kept long term.

All relationships need a determined resolve to pass the test of time. Many people are in the dark when they start a relationship. You only really know someone when you’ve lived with them for years. You only really know yourself, and your attitude to someone when you’ve lived with them a lifetime. Often the most trivial of things can become overbearingly frustrating. When I see this happening, I recommend that people examine what it’s saying about themselves, not their partner.

Thought and kindness are more valuable than anything. Money can be a major dilemma even with the most loving of couples. It shouldn’t be a reason to separate or stay together. It should be a means to sharing and a way to flow together in the things you want to achieve. Greed and expectation are often the bigger issues that need to be addressed. Problems are often not about the financial issues, they’re about the heart issues.

Don’t use money as a control or be controlled by it xx.

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