Moving Forward

Technology is driving me crackers at the moment. It seems to do all the massively complicated things that you don’t really need and yet it can’t get the simple everyday tasks sorted. Why does every device have to try and do so much? Just like people I think it’s better for them to specialize.

I’ve started covering somebody else’s job today. He’s the main man in my building company and he works like an absolute Trojan. I’ve forgotten what a hard physical job in the trade is like. Running around sorting the out the men, the materials, the plant and of course most importantly the customers, their satisfaction is what all our businesses depend on. Paul has started work on the new website for the building company and I have lots of testimonials for him to include. He’s going to make it back to back with the property solutions business site, but as we don’t farm out jobs to India or the Philippines it does all take a time.

Yesterday we started a new person Naz to help Paul and I. He’s mainly another techie so now I won’t understand what either of them are saying but it may speed things up or help expand our horizons even more. A new part timer Cara should be starting next week, she’s been busy with exams but they’re coming to an end now so she has more time. We welcome her into the mayhem – does she know at her tender age what she’s letting herself in for? It’s not like a paper round working with us. Everyone across the business does whatever needs to be done whenever it is needed, but before long I’ll have to set distinct roles for each person and properly formalize the structure of the business hierarchy.

I trapped my finger in the dishwasher door earlier, I don’t normally use expletives but there are exceptions to every rule. Wanting things or just having enough to pay for things when money is in short supply are yet another common cause for cursing. I have to cash in some personal investments this week simply to help pay the bills and keep the team working. When you have resources behind you to meet the demands of the unforeseen you are able to achieve much, much more. Over the last year, I have ploughed money into my businesses to keep them going and remodel them. Soon we will have the reverse and they will repay me with dividends. Solid foundations have created the ability though.

This coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be attending the Robert Kiyosaki event in London. I already have a couple of other meeting arranged for while I’m there so it will be a hectic old time. One will be with Ms Ferreria a Brazilian babe who is an absolute wonder in holistic treatments. I speak from experience here, but at £200 a session I suppose she should be good! We’re going to be building her a website when we can and hopefully that will help her with ambitious plans to create a phenomenal treatment centre back in Brazil. I’ll let you know about it.

When Louise joins us in summer to create a review site for dietary products, the webpartners team will number ten and although we don’t all work full time, for our first year anniversary in August I think we’ll crack open a bottle of bubbly. We’re all very different people but we all have our own specialism and I consider it and honour to work alongside each and every one of them. We need to appreciate the people around us and what we can do for each other just as we need to show gratitude for all we have and the things that make us happy.

One life to live, enjoy it to the full…….Lionel – Palatine.

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