Moving On

So my time to move has come yet again when tomorrow sees the start of the shift to live with my beloved. It’s only the fourth move in a year and property based people really should be used to it but laying down roots becomes an important priority as the years pile on. I want this to be the second to last move of my life as the next one will hopefully be to my last residing place which we intend to build to our own specification in a beautiful country location yet to be found. That won’t happen overnight and neither will this move as it’s a three part journey. Clearing out of the city studio is probably the easy part. I still have to sell on my suburb penthouse, and then clear the temporary storage house. When two people move in together you might expect to have two of everything, reality for me is I seem to have at least three of everything myself so we really are going to be overloaded. I have to confess that the de-cluttering resolution just became a packing event and what I have so far removed from my life in January is less than a wheelbarrow full.

This space clearing thing is going to have to be a life-long resolution as all the left over equipment from the businesses I had will take months to sell on.Like anything we can only tackle problems one day at a time and make inroads to the solution. I wouldn’t like to leave all the mess behind when I finally leave this mortal coil for someone else to sort out, so I better get focussed. What we focus on we bring about, and surprisingly there can be a lot of emotion involved with clearing baggage from the past. Many people tend to believe that to free them they just need more money; nothing could be further from the truth in my experience. Greater money management skills definitely brings about more money but with more of anything comes the necessary ability to look after it, appreciate it and be grateful for it. Last week we watched a man whose world was in plastic bags hanging on his bicyclein his bus stop home. The next morning I saw a lady give very generously to a young man sleeping rough. Both of those men may well have served Queen and country or have held responsible positions or have amazing ability but for an emotional imbalance.
Who are we to judge anyone? We have all arrived at where we are from the decisions we have made. Those of us who have been favoured with health, wealth and happiness generally have a disposition of resilience, a vision of clarity and hopefully a heart of loving generosity. That may not be the public persona or even the conscious realisation of the bearer but eventually even the hardest of spirit needs to feel love and the best way to achieve that is to give.When we give of our heart from our heart we are enriched beyond belief. Few people seem to realise that and seek more materialism. Seeing the amount of people buying lottery tickets and scratch cards in the hope of freeing their lives is testament to the misguided thoughts of the masses.Most of us have far more than we ever need if we can only appreciate it. Start the morning with gratitude and the rest of the day is filled with goodness. Simple facts never fail to amaze me; the less I want the more I have, being one which comes to mind most easily right now.

People say moving is one of the most stressful experiences of our lives. Maybe I’m just getting better with all the practice but in complete sincerity I am so fulfilled with appreciation for my lot in life that it feels just a natural progression and stress doesn’t even seem to register with me anymore. What will be, will be and la la land is a pleasant place to live. I have no qualms over the past and breathe the joy of the future. Am I just soppy in love? That’s certainly helping, but just look around and see the benefits of life, against the sorrow of other people’s problems and sing in praise and thanks of what we have in our lives.All too many people don’t realise that they reside in one of the most affluent societies in the world and most people have to live off a fraction of what they have.

Charles De Gaulle famously said “Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so”. We are all unique with different stories and decisions that have brought us to where we are today. When we can see the way ahead clearly, we can guide others, when the road is foggy we need to take care of ourselves. Moving home is moving on in life and should fulfil more than a place to be. It needs to be a home full of love and caring, a sanctuary from the ravages of stress and a place of freedom and laughter for all who inhabit it. As I bring my energy into a new home and combine it with that of my beloved I’m certainly expecting life to be very different, not least of all because I’ll be thirty miles from my office staff and so that’ll mean less days available which necessitates better systems to control everything in my absence and that’s got to be a bonus alone.

Endeavour to move forward with everything as you move forward in life.

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