New Desires for Future Achievements

The beginning of August has been a monumental week of laying down new plans, thoughts and hopes of what we can achieve over the next few months. Whilst an old business is being revitalised, we have a new concept with an intended launch date in February, so we have been putting together the rudimentary requirements for this venture based on our aspirations to help many people understand and manifest their deepest wants. It’s filling me with excitement working on a project that is both stimulating and intriguing. It really feels as though I am following my true heart passion rather than following my head. Whilst I have always extolled the virtues of doing whatever we do to the best of our ability, and that rewards are the natural consequences of doing something well, never have I felt so right about creating something that is so obviously needed by so many.  What’s more, the joy of working closely with someone I love on an exciting project is just what I need at this time of life. It gets so easy to become complacent as the years roll by and not appreciate the journey we are on. So much in life is concerned with enjoying the here and now and yet so many people seem to chase the hopes of the future being better and miss so many of the moments to be grateful for. A common cause of deep routed problems is needing to do the things we have to do to enable us to do the things we want to do.

There are other ways though; being able to set certain times of the day to do the things we most want to do is a good way forward. Valuing what we do and assessing whether it is our top priority or not allows us to segment our time to allow us to manage what we want to do much better. Doing what we want is paramount to enjoying life, the more we are able to follow our hearts desires the more we are able to enjoy our life to the full. For many people the problem is knowing what they really want, cross this chasm and every day is a joy to move forward you’re your hearts passion however small that movement may be. Add to this the knowledge of why we want to do, what we want to do, and life has purpose and passion. Couple this with doing our very best and we have the pride of our convictions which gives us fulfilment in our tasks whether we succeed to the final goal or not. There can be times when things look bleak, but if you have a mission, you have reason for everything you do.  On a weekend trip to London our train was delayed by two hours, just the amount of time we were supposed to have been at an event. The cause of the holdup which disrupted many people’s plans was a fatality on the line. I wonder how many of the frustrated travellers actually took the time to consider the value of the life lost, the effect on their family and why they were in such circumstances to have lost their life that day.

The way we value life can be a contradiction. Simply because we are human doesn’t necessarily mean we are worth more than any other life. Our life couldn’t exist without other life, so even though we are at the top of the food chain our life depends on the death of something on a constant basis. Even human life has different values in different places and with different members of society and cultures. Unless we value every strand of life how will we know that what we are doing is right? Young minds can have trouble distinguishing between a thought or dream and reality. Too many choices can be overpowering for youngsters and even as adults we can be overwhelmed by choice. Without direction there is little meaning to any journey but even when a trip has no result, provided we can adjust our thinking to enable intuitive and reflective creativity we should be able to use any time to our best advantage. Often people use humour to acknowledge distress and make life easier for those under pressure, even when we don’t realise what situation we are in, the right words and friendly gestures can dissolve many problems before they occur. It takes a certain type of entertainer to make people smile through adversity and we met one on Saturday.

Whoever you meet in life can be and should be a learning experience. I’ve recently taken up Tai Chi again to open my meridians and allow my energy to flow more easily. Like so many things from the East if they could only be integrated into Western ways the benefits could be seen worldwide. Whilst each of us must make up our own minds as to what is right for us, when a population of a billion believe in something it must have it roots firmly held somewhere. Practising with a DVD from Jason Chan, next week we head for his three week retreat in Thailand to find out more and practice daily, hopefully I’ll be coming home with an enlightened waistline as well an enlightened mind. Everyone has something to offer the world and it would be nice to think that we could all find that avenue of passionate experience before we get too old. Yesterday I met a man of seventy eight who has invested his whole wealth and energy into a product he invented that can help people across the world. He isn’t making his age an obstacle in creating his dream even though his road has been a treacherous one. For some, particularly those who have the right intentions to help others, there always seems to be a new opportunity and excitement at every turn, whilst many still read the negative newspapers, watch pretence on television and moan about every situation that doesn’t really affect them. What a mixed up world we live in!

Endeavour to create hope for others through your achievements.

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