New Meanings

Sometimes we have to try new things to extend our learning, get out of our comfort zone and experience more out of our very short lives. The more time we can spend enjoying ourselves the more satisfied we should be in the present as we have less regrets and fewer needs of fulfilment for our future. Living in the presence is truly the only way to evaluate what we have as the past has gone never to return and the future still a mystery. Last weekend was a valuable experience in living in the here and now as I attended an Ishaya Ascension course which was nothing like I had expected at all. There was me expecting to be learning yoga from a little old Indian man in a basic cottage in Cornwall, when in fact I never even crossed my legs as two gorgeous red angels taught me a new way of thinking that has complimented my existing meditation sessions beyond my wildest dreams in a most beautiful house overlooking the sea. Opening your channels of feeling about anything make a big difference to everything.

So that’s made two extremely valuable weekends on the trot but at completely opposite ends of the spectrum. One to learn about business and one to learn about myself. There is no doubt in my mind that self-knowledge is far more valuable and rewarding. Changing our focus is just what we need sometimes to get the most from our lives whether that’s our work life, home life or love life, a simple redirection of perspective can make a massive difference to an outcome. Our emotional state drives what we think, do and achieve, being able to realise what state we are in and how that affects our wellbeing is never so easy looking from the inside, often a third party sees it much clearer. Few of us would actually be able to think of ten things we would really want to have or do if money were no object and yet it’s these things that we actually strive for but can never hope to get. Far better to list all the things we want for ourselves and loved ones as our goals. We might never achieve them but at least we’d know what we’re aiming for.

Seeing my daughter buy her second property recently at just twenty three has brought a sense of pride in her upbringing to realise she is on the path to financial freedom. Most parents want more for their children than they have had for themselves and that’s not necessarily just financially based. More enjoyment of life or work or relationships means they can in some way be happier, even if as parents we are very happy ourselves. Finding that a feeling of contentment is easily achievable whatever is happening around us is a worthwhile learning to pass on. Pointing my children in the right direction for their particular personality traits will be a deed well done. When others have faith in us we are able to achieve so much more. The kind of person others perceive us to be determines their responses to us. This simple realisation can be the making or breaking of a deal when we analyse a sales situation. As we all need consistency we tend to act in the way that we understand things whether that understanding is accurate or not.

Seeing ourselves in the image of the way we want to be seen by others can be a great help to our confidence and success. The positive mental attitude must always rule. All great teachers have been able to convey their message simply by communicating in a simpler form either in words or pictures that stand out in the minds of their students. Asking the right questions leads us to control our focus. Rather than accepting negatives we can choose to look at how we can use them to the common good and so give a new meaning to the things that would have made us sad by changing our destiny for the better. We should always be able to appreciate just what we have and give thanks for it to balance our energy flow. Using the techniques I’ve learnt last weekend will enhance my life for years to come and hopefully give me a more satisfying perspective on what I do, what I have and what I want.

Many times I have said to myself that I’m going on no more courses but instead going to put to use what I already know. Neither of the last two weekends events were expected to be anything different but in reality have been the most worthwhile I’ve ever been on. This has now made me want to extend my knowledge in both respects so not only will I be attending the same courses again but the next time I’ll be signing up for the higher level, more expensive course even though I know I’ve probably received the best information for free. There comes a point however when we have to stop evaluating and take action using what we’ve understood or it would all have been a waste of time and money.

Endeavour to find new meanings to everything.

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