New Year Old Space

Well the de-cluttering has started with great aplomb and it has certainly revealed a lot of value in what has been boxed and stored away. The question is to whom is it valuable? Moving all my gear from my city apartment to a house in the Manchester suburbs is only the first part of the shifting process as I move in with my partner soon in Cheshire. Living like a gypsy as I have for the last year has taught me a thing or two. I always carry too much stuff. Half the clothes I took to Fiji in December went straight back in the wardrobe when I got back. Surely this is normally the sort of problems that girls have? I went to a party in London last weekend and ended up struggling to carry everything because I couldn’t make my mind up before leaving. It shows that more time spent making choices will save time and effort later on. This is the same for most things; a bit of aforethought is worth a whole lot of hindsight and saves a ton of regret.

There are of course many things we can regret in life if we let negativity in. We must treat all the challenges as learning’s which have a positive benefit rather than prevent our mental clarity from reaching its full potential by clouding it with what might have been. Life is animpossibility until we are born, far better to be the enraging fire that follows the spark than be stuck in the old ways running on the hamster wheel. Practicalities of course are what make us do what we have to do to get what we need to get. How often do we look at what we actually need as opposed to what we think we need? By clearing out the junk from our life we can see that we actually need far less and really don’t have to strive so hard to fulfil our needs. When we put the needs of others before ourselves we can create a life full of meaning rather than want. Selflessness is a great virtue and I don’t profess to have it in anything like the proportions I would like. We are all subject to the constant bombardment of materialism through the media but living simply can certainly be a lot happier.

This week and indeed for the rest of January I’m taking in lots of property events in the North following my move back. I had a month of them in the South during November but now I want to promote my own seminars which will be far more ethical than any of the ones I’ve been to. The problem I see with most training events is that the trainers make more from the training than what they teach about. People have to pay to appreciate the value but we want to show them how by looking at things a little differently there can be a much better scenario all round. Helping the investor, the householder and the tenant to find a mutually beneficial outcome to their property dilemmas is rewarding. After my last problematic foray into social housing I’m hoping this year to see some advances in helping the homeless by working through different channels and by working with more consciously aware people.

We can achieve much when we clear the physical space we have around us. We do even better when we are able to think clearly. When we combine space in life with clarity in thought we can create value for others and real wealth for ourselves. People tell me that the new era did actually start on 21.12.12 with the Mayan calendar ending the old ways and more love in life than ever before. That has certainly been true for me personally as a certain lady has meant I am more fulfilled now than I have ever been. I’d like to see the same for everyone but we only have to walk down any street to find that there is much to be done to show that giving and helping is more encouraging, enlightening and empowering than taking and receiving. We are all different of course which is one of the most interesting and exciting things about people generally, but we have to let freedom create peace and harmony not stifle us or hem us in. It’s not more space we need it less in that space so we can enjoy it more.

It’s not our experience that necessarily makes us achieve greater wealth but our capacity to experience more, learn more and value more. The less we want the more we have and the more we want the less we will ever have. We gain nothing by hoarding anything, clearing the clutter from our lives is the first step to clarity, unfortunately in my case it may well take longer than the month I had envisioned would be sufficient. I better make it a resolution for the whole year!

Endeavour to see clearly by clearing out the clutter.

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