No Private Thoughts

October is here, and as the colour of the trees is only just starting to change its obvious to some of us that autumn is certainly later than previous years. Whilst a delay in something like seasonal weather might not seem significant, it is actually showing the reality of what is potentially happening across the world as global warming continues to carry on unabated. We are all part of the same world; we all have to breathe the air, drink the water and eat from the planet. It may not appear to the masses that we are all the same but, we are all people, and if everything is made of energy all people must have an energetic resonance within a narrow spectrum. There must be a similarity of vibration that distinguishes us from the vibration of the trees or each and every other species of life in the world. When we look at the vibrational resonance of animal, mineral or vegetation overall being within a scale (whatever that scale might be) we can see that as humans we must sit in a narrow similarity of vibration. Therefore, there can be little difference between any of us however we might appear. Look at the variations in the way people think, for instance to love power or be powered by love, and how each and every thought, word, deed and emotions is in effect different and we can see that the reality of the way we think and our inner vibrations must vary by miniscule degrees.


So what is it that alters our resonance to create what we want? In the same way as we need to be awake to ourselves to fall in love we need to be aware of what stops us manifesting whatever we want by being able to change our thought patterns just a tiny fraction and see our ego self separate from our conscious self. The ego self cannot love as it only feels lust and wants gratification of its emotional being in the physical sense. When we want to own something we cannot love it unconditionally as the attachment of it causes us pain. True love and value has freedom and transcends our thinking. We can either choose to live in love, appreciation and gratitude for everything or we can choose to have fear. Fear drags down our conscious thinking whereas when we are motivated by love we can rise above our thought processes. Our mind can be trapped by emotion or by using the abundance of love as a reason for life we can transcend our own feelings. Thinking brings doubt and uncertainty, meditation on appreciation brings about a higher resonance so living is easier as our heart is open to its childish innocence and we have to work less hard to receive than we do to give. Following a recent management consultation where a free taster session has bought about more value than a five thousand pound course, I realise running a business can be exactly the same whereby bringing the higher energy into the service we provide brings support, clarity, peace of mind and harmony to clients as the level of our personalities resonatation, either makes them want to sing our praises or run a mile from us.


I heard recently that running is not the best practice for anyone over fifty, I personally prefer to swim but the need to look after our physical body should not be for better survival but to help us think better. The more physically capable we are the more able we are to take responsibility for our own personality and be stronger in mind and resistance to temptation of the ego. Some people go to extremes in everything instead of honouring themselves. We have to evaluate our own lives, take stock of our thought processes and reprogram our mind as everybody believes they are right. Our underlying programming creates our feelings that can only be overridden by bringing peace into our mental state. When you can smile at your negativity you are above your thinking. We develop our attitudes from what we think is real. When we have set our life goals including when and where we intend to die we can work towards fulfilling our Soul purpose. The pain of unfulfilment in old age must be massive as it’s the number one regret of all the surveys done on pensioners. The less we want the more we have, but our Soul needs awakening to honour our life not take revenge for it not being good enough.


Human life is so unpredictable though we all have to get on with it no matter what happens, yet our Soul and its purpose do not want to be confined it wants to be free, our conscious minds do not want to keep our thoughts hidden, they want to shout them out. However it is our ego self that speaks first and through the hierarchy of people it is easy to see why some follow the path they do and others feel the emotional pain of criticism, often from themselves more than anyone else. Our Soul feels grief in our heart which is a very different pain from the self-inflicted wounds of our hurt ego. The ego wants to fight the Soul, but our Soul is our essence so the Soul needs to befriend the ego to stop it from ruling our head. It seems most of the world is ruled by ego driven people and that usually means ruled cruelly by power crazed exploitation and greed. To achieve all we want we have to believe it is possible to have it but every person must change their own story to make it so. When enough people think the right way the consciousness of everyone is raised. Our ego doesn’t want us to be happy. It just wants to be right and wants us to feel gratified, it has no balance as it thrives on conflict rather than the ability to feel love. When our private thoughts are the same as what we speak we are congruent with ourselves and complete in our happiness.


Endeavour to change the story in your head to appreciate everything.

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