Opportunities to Trust in Others


Opportunities pass us by on a daily if not hourly basis and usually we are too slow, too disconnected or too busy to cease the very things that most of us think we need to create our desires. Many people don’t even realise an opportunity when it’s presented to them even in simple terms. Much comes down to trust and how connected we feel when we meet or speak to someone and many of us make decisions based on momentary pieces of information that we see, hear or understand in some way which may not even necessarily be right.Resolving problems or gaining pleasure are the drivers that motivate us to do everything. The more complacent we are, the less likely we are to do anything, yet the very people who are able to rest on their laurels rarely do so because what they create comes from a place of passion to do good for others not self- gratification.Even when it comes to relationships many people are just too caught up in their own emotions to trust the opportunities that present themselves and so become lost or lonely in their own negativity simply because they were unable to break through a barrier which presented itself because they feared something usually embarrassment. We really should try to be more open with those whom we connect if we want to cease the opportunities that present themselves.

Over the last week I have heard tales of missed chances and lost hopes, all caused by peoples inability to create what they wanted by their fears of loss, and yet what they had to lose was of such little value compared to what they had to gainthey were doing themselves a serious injustice. We have to want what we have and not want what we don’t have to find fulfilment but if we don’t strive to have more, create more and give more we can only ever be complete in one state of consciousness whilst there are two other states to complete wholeness. Few of us realise our alter beings that exist and even fewer appreciate the need to leave our ego out of our daily life for us to have more happiness and a greater sense of achievement from whatever we do. When we look at the differences of why one person seizes something whilst another misses it completely, we see that subtle emotions work to restrict us from our true passions and yet it is everyone’s right to be happy and have everything they desire. Some people are able to create an imaginary world where they are whatever they believe themselves to be. I don’t doubt the sincerity of those who live in what might be described as a fairy tale or la la land but whether they have the ability to do anything practical is perhaps circumspect.

Seeing problems for what they really are is quite a skill, and being able to rectify any problem to the degree of its necessity is often more valuable than working through everything in a methodical manner. When we know time is actually slipping away from us it can be quite daunting for some of us to see the regrets before they have actually been made and yet that’s exactly what our own resistance to change can bring about. Not that all change is a good thing either, there often appears to be change for the sake of it instead of the betterment of the people involved. When we make or are responsible for changes we should be honest enough to admit to our mistakes, misunderstandings and lack of knowledge and be willing to learn as we go, however the majority of decisions are taken from the alpha male stance and little of the long term consequences are considered often until it is too late. When we trust others to make decisions we give them a sense of value which can be seen as more valuable than any reward. Being given responsibility or opportunity by someone we trust is exceptionally fulfilling. When we are in a position to give that opportunity we feel a sense of charity and should appreciate not what we have been able to give to others but what we have received for ourselves in the giving. The bond of trust can grow and be nurtured into a relationship of great value and understanding but it can also be lost by greed or jealousy. When a trust bond is broken it is only the receiver that loses as the giver will always have had the satisfaction of giving.

Being charitable and connected to a higher consciousness isn’t necessarily about giving financially to help others; it can be about belief in what you want to create for others and visualizing your hopes and dreams for others to see. It could be about communicating your desires to help others in such a way as to inspire others to help. It could be through unadulterated love that we give of ourselves to serve others. Our own courage and nerves to overcome problems that other create in our lives is another avenue ofrealising a higher state of attainment. Through our appreciation and gratitude of what we have, we are able to communicate to our higher self that all is as it should be and we achieve a sense of connection to the planet, to each other and to the Universe. By trusting in the opportunities to be charitable we can produce more for those who need it most by feeding into what we want to build and giving back through the same system rather than giving the resources to individuals who don’t really deserve them, value them or appreciate them. Wherever we look there is always much to do and many people needing help. Helping others can be an opportunity to help ourselves particularly if we come from a place of opulence. Many people feel oppressed by society, their family or their history and yet they only have to grasp what passes them by every day.

Endeavour to trust your own instincts to seize opportunities.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits. Visit his property website HERE

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