Pain and Suffering

I’ve been going through it this last week. Something that started as a little pain in the neck has become a major disruption in my life. The weekend was racked with pain. Monday morning brought Acupuncture followed by a Chiropractor in the afternoon. No relief to speak of so Tuesday brought the Rossiter treatment followed by the Chiropractor again. Today will be the turn of a crystal healer with another Chiropractor session booked for tomorrow. Whenever we have pain we will do anything and pay virtually anything to get rid of it. The bigger the pain the more we will pay. Life is too short to be anything but happy but if you have to live with pain it soon breaks your smile no matter how positive you are. However good or bad a situation is, it will change. There is no doubt of that; it’s the one thing you really can count on, the only real constant. We have to appreciate everything we have even pain, otherwise how would we know what it’s like to change and live without it, to embrace change is the main factor and realise that change happens for a reason.

We are the sum of our life’s experiences. What we feel physically, emotionally or spiritually comes about from the actions we take or don’t take, the words we speak or don’t speak and the deeds we do or don’t do. Most of the time what we are searching for is right in front of us. Often the biggest mistake we can make is doing nothing generally because we are too scared to make a mistake. Had I decided to not try every medical treatment available I may not have been able to type this blog as the injury I have sustained from merely living a none too physical life, is so severe I may be needing hospitalisation. I can’t even remember what I did to create the problem in the first place. That’s like so many things though. We can’t see what has caused the problem we are in because we are in the problem instead of standing back and assessing the situation. It’s not what the world takes away from you that counts: it’s what you do with what you have left.

Providing you live in the present and tell yourself you are doing the best you can with all you have at this moment, there is nothing more we can expect of anyone including ourselves. To change our life we must change our mind-set. We must take personal responsibility for what we do and for the changes we need to make in order to create or accomplish what we want from life. When you decide what you really want (in my case pain relief) you have to determine what is stopping you from having it. In my situation it is neither time nor money but inability of the trained people due to the severity of the injury. It shows the drivers for getting things done though quite clearly. We are always quicker to move away from pain than we are to move towards pleasure. Pain is therefore a massive driver of action. When we try to make a change in ournormal routine, it is often the case that the relief from pain is not sufficient or the want of pleasure not enough to bring about what we think we want. With the right leverage either good or bad we are compelled to act. Getting action from prospective customers, our existing clients, our staff, family or even friends has to be led by desire that needs to change a pattern. The stronger we can make that desire the easier we will generate that change.

Nothing has to happen to make you feel good, even in pain we can choose to feel good and be grateful for the inevitable change that will come. Valuing and appreciating change especially away from pain can bring about a real understanding of who we are, and what our true passion and purpose are. Often it is not enough just to dream something we actually have to feel it to realise that our next strategic step could bring about our uniqueness and it won’t even matter what anybody else thinks, sees or cares about it. When we encounter failure in anything we have to understand that it is a temporary fact, from that act we try something else to correct it as soon as possible and keep trying until we get the result we want. The world around us changes as we change. It is our power to choose how we react to circumstances and it is that which will bring about our growth, freedom and ultimate happiness. In order to attract more of life’s blessings we have to appreciate and be grateful for what we already have.

Whatever we believe either weakens us or makes us stronger. To move life forward we must be willing to take full responsibility for everything that happens in it whether good or bad. We really want to be the person we would be happy to live with for the rest of our life. When we feel real pain it overrides whatever pleasure there may be but that could be the very force that shapes our life particularly as it determines what we consider possible or impossible, how we attempt something or decide not to do anything. We have to have a belief in our self, a way of defining ourselves and it is that definition of our own personality that makes our identity. Changing our identity or the way we see it will change our ability, the way we do things and what we aspire to. Realising how something like pain can change your outlook on the world can create the spark, the desire or the hunger for change and answer your calling to live an extraordinary life. After all the inspirational people I have met over the last few years it’s incredible how the only thing to make me understand my own personal mistakes is pain. There are only two main choices in life, accept things as they are or take responsibility and try to change them

Endeavour to be the person you will be happy to live with life.

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