Pay the Price for Love

Why has it become so hard to do the simplest of things like pay bills? Even when I have enough money in my account and actually want to pay for services rendered most companies need proof of who I am. Do they think someone else is going to pay my bills for me? It’s even more difficult if you have a dispute over a payment with so many fraudulent practices going on its sensible to scrutinize every statement. I’ve cancelled a number of direct debit payments to certain companies. Recent bogus emails have landed a lot of people in deep water as they unwittingly give out their details to fraudsters and are the left trying to sort out the mess. I’ve noticed a few people going back to good old fashioned cash and if we could simplify our lives sufficiently I’d certainly be in favour of it. The way the economy is teetering some people believe that the future currencies will be precious minerals. Whatever we want in life we have to pay the price for it and often money is not the factor. The drain on time can be immense. Try changing your address details if you want to complicate your life. Some institutions have wanted it in triplicate as the doubts over who is actually telling the truth must be growing as criminal elements are becoming more sophisticated by the day. How will honest people ever afford to overcome those who cheat and steal? Why can those same people not use their obvious talents for the good of others instead of being bullied into crime? It might be time to wake up and take control of our lives.

When we want something we are drawn to it by the perceived pleasure of ownership or use. I have a new vehicle picture on my vision wall, it won’t be available in England for a year yet but it’ll be my reward for sorting out all the mess I’ve let other people get me into over the last couple of years. It looks great in the pictures, it’ll probably do everything they say and cost far more than I can reasonably afford. I know the novelty will have worn off it within a few months but that doesn’t stop me wanting it. Wanting something as a goal can be instrumental in getting to your target. There is however a way of understanding our wanting so that we realise the reasons behind the desire so that we can look at it more practically. This gives us the opportunity to separate our desires from our practical pleasure and response to want. Simply put the best way to have is to not want, the best way to achieve is to not strive and the best way to be happy is to not need.

The last week of physical pain and suffering from trapped nerves has taught me a thing or two about myself and what price we have to pay for what we want. My treatments have involved more pain than I was suffering just to remove the pain I had. When we try to get away from pain we forget that the values of something’s are far more than the cost of suffering. There are those who have gone through great personal tragedy, loss and pain beyond belief to allow us to be where we are now.

Do we consider how we repay what others have done for us? Do we appreciate it and show gratitude? Someone recently asked me the difference between appreciation and gratitude. I see it as appreciation is understanding the value of anything and everything and gratitude is showing your appreciation of it. As spring starts to unfold how many of us really appreciate what is happening all around us. The beauty of nature and caring of some people towards others. When we feel love do we appreciate it and show our gratitude for it or are we too selfish in our own wanting to give what others want before ourselves?

Understanding love and finding love can be opposite ends of the same spectrum. How do we look at it in our own head? What we say to ourselves is what we portray to the world and the outcomes we have are related to the thinking that created it. We all need love. Men particularly seem to lack the understanding and clarity of it but that only makes them want it more and yet they will treat it as nothing when they have it.
We are all susceptible to taking others for granted but when you are helpless and the chips are down feeling the hand of friendship or the belief in certainty makes a massive difference. What is love and how should we express it? Essentially we need to love ourselves before we can love others without conditions. We need to know exactly who we are so we can follow our instinctive intuition through our innocence to achieve what we want without having to strive for it. The realisation of this was for me an indication of how far my personal thinking has developed over the last year and what love has brought to my life. No challenge is too great when we do it for the right reasons.

We asked a group of ladies last week what epitomises love for them, I was expecting simple answerslike a single red rose or feeling their first born child. I was surprised by the results such as just being accepted, or enjoying silence with another, or being at one with another. One of the best answers was someone who sacrifices their own happiness for another. When we recognise love and realise that without it we cannot function properly we begin to understand that love is everything and to love ourselves we have to give love to others. No wonder there are so many problems in the world when love is in such short supply. You can never have nothing when you have had love. Love yourself and you will have everything. We can only love anyone as much as we love ourselves and we can only be loved by another as much as we love ourselves. We can only love others when we have learnt to love ourselves and the world we create through pure innocent behaviour. So what is the price we have to pay for love? Everything and nothing at the same time. We must love without fear and trust without question. We must accept without change and want without reason. We must need without demand and see beauty in everyone and everything. Maybe then we could do things simpler. Today I leave for Mexico to see in the Spring Equinox. This is the day when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night are nearly equal in all parts of the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in the world was equal too, if only for one day, then we might see some peace.

Endeavour to pay the price for love there is no real cost to it at all.


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