Personality Clash

Have you ever noticed how one person’s personality is very much like somebody else’s that you know? Sometimes they even look like them and have the same mannerisms. This occurred to me at a birthday party I went to in Yorkshire at the weekend. The hostess was so similar to my friend’s wife that they could have been sisters. I’m no believer in Astrology but I do think that each of us can fit into a certain bracket and there must be an ultimate number of facets to all our traits. This being the case, it figures that we should all be able to find the people that match our own personality and find the personalities of others that fit the criteria of people we seek to assist us in our daily endeavours. Sometimes we can just hit it off with someone and know that we can work or play with that person without boundaries, pressure or tension, it feels as if out psyche run together. Last week I met two people whom I would like to work with on a long term basis, they each have the attributes that appeal to me and I feel as though we were thrown together by a bigger force.

A friend of mine was recently upset by some actions at her son’s school. Within minutes of her talking the problems through with me, events changed and the very things she suggested happened in an ironic sequence. The Secret came to mind almost instantly and I have to admit that whether I believe in the Law of Attraction or anything, it does often appear as though a bigger force has a hand in our destiny. I have seen some minor miracles happen and many times I have been inspired by people’s ability particularly in the face of adversity. At the same time we can see so many cases of the downtrodden continuing to be taken advantage of that I sometimes wonder why some people are just so greedy, why most of us are never content and why those who have the most often seem the least happy with their lot.

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My book Iseanaters Destiny will soon be available through the site. I’m hoping it will inspire people to make more of their lives, be content, happy in their work and endeavour to get more fulfillment out of each day. It only scratches the surface of what I have learnt over the years and I hope you will read at least the foreword and the first few chapters and leave me a comment whether good or bad on either the site or this blog. Lots of us need help with lots of things but it’s what’s going on in our heads that determines what we want, what we have, what we get, where we’re going and who we’re going there with. Our lives are too short and we need to make every second count particularly as we don’t know when it will be our last. I trust for you and I, it won’t be too soon.

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