Photograph Of Your Thoughts

As my eldest child’s twenty first celebrations looms this week I wonder where all those years have gone so quickly. It seem like only yesterday when the nurse handed me that wrinkly little ball of life that made my heart offer an unconditional love the like of which I had never felt before. Such a tiny thing had so much power over my emotions that from then on my own life became immaterial to hers as I would lay it down without a moment’s hesitation.

When they come of age you soon realise that your life is fairly secondary to theirs anyway. It costs you whenever they choose to contact you, but that’s how life changes for all of us and as time goes on role reversal will occur as it has done with my mother and then maybe you get back all that love you’ve spent. Not that it hasn’t been absolutely wonderful along the way and cherished moments, fears, hopes and aspirations for my kids adorn my memories in the same way as their drawings, cards, models and other paraphernalia adorn the walls of my office even now.

For my recent birthday which passed without fanfare, a friend gave me a journal. “What shall I write in it”? I asked. “All your ideas and your thoughts” she suggested. So I started to think of what things amongst the millions of bits of information running around my brain are worthy to be written in such a lovely leather bound book. Whilst I have lots of ideas some excellent, some not so good, I decided that my journal should more importantly record all the emotional things that affect me so I came up with doing daily ‘galelfs’. Thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, love, enlightenment, learning, freedom and success. For me that’ll be an easy way to remember all the things that we should consider each and every day. All the things that will help me feel fulfilled and give my life certainty, reduce self doubt, give me strength do what has to be done, to feel the love that we all need to help us to grow so we can give to others for true happiness and inner contentment.

One of the things about writing a regular blog is that it records moments in time like a photograph of your thoughts, it’s important to remember how we think and feel about things so we can learn for that next experience that’s just around the corner.

Get your thoughts in order to achieve your own success…….Lionel.

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