At an event this morning one of the speakers mentioned the connection between austerity and prosperity as words which are similar but actually have opposite meanings. There is a mind set about both which can be equally opposite. Do we look at how much we have and appreciate it or how much we want and resent not having it? The more we want what we have and don’t want what we don’t have the richer we are. That simple principle can mean the difference between having everything you want and never having what you want most. Nearly a year ago now I had to make a decision whether to capture what I wanted most and let go of everything else or value what I already had and possibly lose what I dearly wanted. There are key principles to manifestation which can either be recognised and worked with or struggled against with definite failure.
Sometimes our wants cross the boundaries of our understanding of just how we should produce those physical objects and we fail to see the signs some of which are only obvious later.

There are powerful lessons to be learnt in personal change before we can hope to change our relationship to the Universe and all it can hold. The way we think about a particular situation particularly monetary can make the difference between prosperity and poverty. By taking less money in one way we can gain more in another. When we consider such things as tax implications we can benefit from a broad understanding of money and effectively have more for doing less. The idea of more for less is a hard concept for many to understand as their desire for what they want reduces the chances of them getting it. Get the principles in place and you can have everything simply because you don’t want it. The world is full of coaches and personal development experts these days all believing they are making a difference to their mentees by guiding them down the right path. I for one have never been as poor as I was when I was following the teachings of personal development coaches. Perhaps I should have followed my own intuition which would have led me to the happier place I’ve now found faster and less painfully.

We have to go through pain to understand the benefits of receiving but incredibly we can narrow down the difficulties by following the simple principles of spiritual abundance and applying them to the material world. There’s no gain without pain is an obvious phrase that comes to mind and yet so much pain is caused by our own emotional imbalance. When we realise that the way we think about our desires makes the difference to how we receive those desires we can begin to be prosperous. How or even if we continue to receive abundance depends on our thinking when we have it all. Personal fulfilment comes from within not material rewardsbut having the benefits of prosperity can certainly make it easier.

I’ve been deliberating over which of two coaches I should work with, one with a big team and track record seems the obvious choice. However after one of his initial events, my colleagues didn’t like my attitude to work. Now I’ve found a more personable easier to work with, work alone type of mentor, my leaning is towards him. Strange as it may seem attending to the little things in life like kindness, courtesy and respect are far more likely to bring about all the prosperity you desire than the expectancy of making it big in any career. Having a business of your own is another matter. The ability to create a win/win situation should be seen as the main factor in wealth building. When we are unable to find a solution to a problem we should not make a deal. We can compromise and expect others to do likewise but unless something works well for both parties there will be disillusionment and resentment at some point down the line. This is the same whether we are talking about our own character, our relationships or business agreements.

By being in agreement with ourselves about the way we do everything we can look at the ways to create the abundance that will bring about our desires. We have to be grateful for everything that happens to us whether that be good or bad. Treat it as a learning experience and appreciate the things you have like health. Forgive yourself for making mistakes as it was all meant to be to get you to where you are now. Abandon anxiety as it will achieve nothing. Have faith in your belief whatever that maybe as you may need it to fall back on. Most importantly visualize your dreams like reality, see it, feel it, live it, breathe it. Create your abundance by being your abundance. Furthermore there are secrets to bringing about prosperity. Never block the flow of your energy. Give more than you expect to receive. Give in secret but also use the gifts you have been given. Think of the world as your family. Trust and depend upon the Universe and remember that the source of your supply is bountiful. Money in itself is meaningless it is merely able to bring about other things but what is most important is the flow. When the flow dries up the problems mount and future looks very different.

Always have cash-flow as a seed of prosperity and keep your thoughts uplifted. Understand that prosperity is an activity of the spirit and to manifest it we must believe in what we do, why we do it and who we do it for. There can be no belief without confidence and no confidence without integrity.

Endeavour to bring about abundance by living with integrity.

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