Quiet and Peaceful Questions

The last weekend was a truly magical couple of days of no computers, just time spent enjoying the simple things in life like people, places and peace time to get our heads quiet with relaxation treatments, self- exploration and personal discovery to deepen our meditation experience. Today a client remarked on finding spirituality and we worked on the words which brought our personal qualities to the fore.

Words like harmony, integrity, love, humility, purpose and respect. There are many words we can use to describe how we feel about ourselves and how we would like to be, but the important words are what others say about us when we aren’t there. So many coincidences happen in life that they are too synergetic to be simply by chance. Yesterday I emailed someone whose card I found in my suit but couldn’t remember who he was. We had a joyful exchange of emails during which he mentioned a connection that was a friend of a friend who I couldn’t remember either. Coincident was that I then saw the guy that same evening who didn’t speak but went out of his way to email me this morning to apologise. Life can be, and generally is, a strange course of events that can lead to us making tiny changes that have massive effects. Any activity without purpose is a drain to our energy system but we would have ultimate power if we could only understand and anticipate the reasons behind life’s natural factors.


Meditation has the ability to bring the quiet time to our minds to help us consider the reasons and enjoy the happenings. Just like innovation and marketing make a company successful so finding our natural peace and connection to our purpose makes us successful in our own heads no matter what the world may think. We need to create rapport with ourselves to be able to use the power of our own mind. By being responsive to the good thoughts we become happy, like yourself and you will like more of what you see and people will like more of what they see in you. Only by knowing our own life inside out, and looking at where we have come from, where are we going, why are we doing what we are doing, what are our good and bad experiences, what do we suppress and what should we regress, will we find our true self. We can all suffer from fears of not being loved and if we have emotional scars that aren’t healed we will deliberately create more problems for ourselves. Periodically we need to rewrite our own story in our own heads so we know we are not subject to any of the abuse, bullying, distrust or misperceptions that life may have thrown at us. When we meditate we can look at ourselves from the outside in and become like an audience to our life story rather than living it blindly. When we realise our response to others lives we can recreate our own story with compassion for ourselves rather than criticism.


From this point of self-examination we can develop the courage we need to tackle any hurdle but we need to release the pain from the past to change the future by changing our unconscious programming. We all fear abandonment, imprisonment or betrayal but control can also be a major factor in many peoples lives and without the space in your own head to write your personal script of what the future will hold you will never be free and neither will any of the people around you bring you the happiness you deserve without any false stimulation. Most of us rebel against authority like parents and school during our teenage years and our idols are set against controlling influences. Many of our experiences of young life can affect us throughout life if we can’t remove the layers of emotional damage. Parents, school, religion, sexual partners, work and even our own quiet time can have anti positive effects if we can’t clear our minds and set sail for a new destination. One of the nice visioning experiences we encountered was of treating your life like a boat and what you need to do to stay afloat. What is our hull made of? Is it capable of floating? Who is our crew in life? Have we a map of where we are going? Can we read the compass to get us to where we want to be? Can we set the sails and steer the rudder to get us there? What effect will the weather have on us? These are only the surface factors, when we look below we can see far more.


Do you fully accept yourself as you are?  Are you well balanced in you masculine and feminine personality traits? Do you reject yourself, show a different face to the world or even hide yourself in relationships? When our mind is clear we have no jealousy, neediness or possessiveness. When we fear our own imperfections instead of facing them we hide from ourselves and what we could achieve by integrating the understanding of spiritual wellbeing from our awareness. We need to change ourselves not others to create our spiritual awakening from our unhealed emotional history. Why is it that one person can do simply what another dreads? As a race we humans cope well and our numbers increase daily but what standard of life do a large percentage of people live? That’s not just in Africa and India but right here on our own doorstep where people abuse their bodies on a regular basis in the name of pleasure and comfort to cope with the lack of love and purpose. Pain should stimulate us to grow but if we have no spirit of adventure or spiritual awakening we remain closed from all the previous hurt rather than impress ourselves by being abundant in our conscious thinking and the inner space of our minds never clears.


Endeavour to question yourself in the peace of your mind.

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