Rainy Days and Mondays

Crikey we’re only a month off Christmas and I’m not looking forward to it. Everything seems so mixed up this year and few people are happy with what’s going on generally. It might be a good idea to make the most of it as next year is looking pretty bleak on the financial front. There’s VAT going up to 20% for a kick off. That means whatever you want or in many cases whatever problem you have to pay to put right, you have to give the Government 20% on top of it for the privilege. It’s a complete joke how they can take advantage of the masses and just continue to get away with it. That’s not going to get any better any time soon; if you want stuff you’ve got to pay for it, best not to want at all! Monday morning is still my favourite time of the week, but instead of the usual quiet here there was total chaos. The gardeners with their blowing machines, the builders banging away, an ambulance going to an emergency and then even a helicopter circling overhead. I was not in the mood for noise this week, particularly after a thought provoking weekend in London. I really wanted some morning peace time to reflect on what I had learnt and how I was going to put it into practice. Sometimes the general soup of things is just too much to work with and we have to stand back from it for a while to see the bigger picture. I’m finding some difficulty at the moment with direction. Being pulled too many ways is not a good recipe for the stress free life I love to have, and with builders crashing about all over the place it’s not going to get much easier in a hurry.

I’ve had some good feedback on the book this week, and the new one which is aimed at potential landlords is almost finished now as well. I’m up to the editing stage but I still have to find out about printing as I’m hoping to go through one of the premier business book publishers. There is definitely something to be said for thinking about the way we are thinking and improving the way we are working inside our own heads. Putting things down on paper makes a huge difference to our attitude by solidifying in our mind the thoughts that we create. All the personal information on websites like Facebook and Twitter will be around forever and in the future your great grandchildren will be able to see into our thoughts. Endeavour to think clearer……happy to help if I can

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