Remember, Remember

November this year started with a memorial service in tribute to man that was obviously loved by many, and who at only forty nine apparently died before his due time. I like to think as death in terms of we can only be allowed to part from this Earth when our service to others is done. Thereby those who leave earlier have done their duty better and their love has shone out to all they leave behind. November is traditionally a month of remembrance with All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Remembrance Sunday and United States Thanksgiving Day to name a few that come to mind. However for some remembering too much can be a problem too, particularly where suppression of their thoughts and emotions may well have worked better than the constant remembering of negative sights, words, thoughts or deeds. Each of us has the power to learn from the mistakes of others but we have to earn our wisdom from learning by trusting others to speak the truth. For anyone to speak to us from their heart with complete honesty they have to know us, like us and trust us. You have to be your own truth so others can trust you to confide in you.

Do you trust yourself? Do others feel safe in trusting you? We should never promise what we cannot fulfil, and yet there are times when we cannot complete our own promises to ourselves because of the circumstances of our entity.


Consciousness is not an entity and all our relationships should be for the highest good of others, and yet if our lives are predetermined by the Universe as many believe, how and why do we all have our generic differences that can add to the way we live or die? We can only judge our own understanding of anything by evaluating our conscious thinking and awakening our spiritual understanding to expand our consciousness. We are taught much by the lives of others and those that teach well should be revered for what they give to their students and for the expansion of others thinking. Many teachers are undervalued for their work and yet the persona of a person is seen far more by the passion and compassion they are able to exude than for their empowerment of others which it ultimately creates. When we help one person to help themselves achieve something, we are helping them to help others. We have all evolved from the efforts of others and yet few of us have awoken to the understanding of accepting ourselves and everyday appreciating and giving gratitude for what we have. We imprison ourselves by disempowering our confidence and ability by simply not realising that we have grown from one day to the next and are living in the sights, words, thoughts or deeds of our past. There is no point dreading for tomorrow what has already gone. Each day brings a new dawn for us to reset our intentions and leave the things that have haunted us behind.


Whilst we can’t get rid of the past, we can change our perception of it simply by changing the way we think about what we dislike as hatred is purely a state of mind and the more hate we have the more problems we create for ourselves. Why would we want to trap our psyche with such emotions? Why would we want to die in fear when we can release that negative energy through our awareness of what is happening to us in the world around us. Most ‘normal’ people are prone to crack under the strain of the vulnerability of fear unless we are able to heal ourselves through our own meditative practices. The sooner we start the better, as our minds are being programmed by everything around us and with our minds like blotting paper we are simply asking for more problems all the time. With so many anti-positive people around, we have to make sure that they don’t use our own energy against us and turn positive thinking into disempowering thoughts in response to them. By being aware of what we think and thanking those who upset us for the learning of that feeling we are able to see life as a learning experience. We should learn most from those who hurt us most, or in others words as the saying goes ‘our enemy is our best teacher’. Often when we respond to the pain or hurt of loss, we are responding from the fear or guilt that is hidden beneath in our subconscious selves.


To find ourselves, we have to remember our loved ones with reasoned emotion and work out where we are amongst the six billion or so inhabitants of this planet. Once we have the proportion right amongst the bigger scheme of life, we can centre on our personal life experiences and awaken our true selves within. Those who have a long life are not necessarily blessed, they are potentially searching for a happy dream which may never come unless they are able to open up to who they truly are inside and find their purpose in life, their mojo or simply their reason to be. When we look at the reasons for something happening to us, we need to look at the emotions of the event rather than the event itself. Once we have uncovered the emotions that cause us pain we then have to set about trying to release all the layers of memory and additional hurt by peeling away layer after layer of dark memory which we used to comfort ourselves. This of course could show itself in any self-abusive manner to cover our emotions such as over eating, alcohol or drugs. Whatever emotions we feel, we need to be regularly examining our method of dealing with them so we can create a higher level of our own conscious thinking to understand the value of meditation and self-examination in our daily lives.


Endeavour to understand your hurt rather than remember your pain.

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