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Bonfire night passed last week without much mention from me but when I think back it was probably one of the most memorable I’ve ever had as the Alresford torch walk was an event I thoroughly enjoyed,particularly as the likes of which I thought had completely disappeared through the modern riggers of health and safety. This week’s Remembrance Sunday was more poignant as I was at a high energy event in Birmingham which stopped for the traditional two minutes bringing the realisation home of the freedom that people had suffered and died for. Last week I attended an opening of a foundation aimed at getting ex-service personnel off the streets, it’s really a government crime to my thinking that they are there in the first place, as the facilities should be in place to allow these guys the opportunity to get over the traumas and align with society in a favourable way. So much for repaying their cost to Queen and country when they are left to fend for themselves in an alien environment. Luckily individuals feel very differently and through their concern they will hopefully develop a system that will help at least some of the local victims.

Events happen that lead people along paths which they would rather not travel and yet every action leads us to where we are now. Seeing how some people have to live can be quite unsettling as we rarely fully appreciate how well off we are. In Britain we are able to create abundance without any limits other than our own, in many places the population have to live off the meagre left overs of others. Hearing tales of India from a friend who has just returned doesn’t fill me with encouragement to go through with planning a trip there next March and yet the experience will be one of great value and spiritual enlightening. When we see the difficulties of others and are moved to help we can try to stand away from the emotion of the situation and evaluate the options. Looking at the balance of the whole picture, the needs of food, clothing and shelter should be the essentials of any modern society and yet many are failed by the very people who should be able to protect them.

Whateverprinciples we live our live by we have to live with. Finding our true path is not necessarily an easy option. Knowing what we want for ourselves and our loved ones is possibly the first step towards finding our own personal greatness as what we achieve or create for ourselves will bring about what we can do for others. Out of all the things we struggle to do in life the most rewarding is what we can do for those who need it most. Seeing the results of what we do contributes towards our ultimate values in life. Understanding our own intentions is so important as it interprets the events that motivate us into action and decisions. Procrastination does not empower us and depletes our fundamental effectiveness in everything we do and yet so many of the decisions we make are based around other people’s actions. Occasionally we get a paradigm shift that sets us on a new path but we struggle unless we are able to make decisions consciously and knowledgeably.

Knowing where are aims are centred is a useful understanding in our own personal freedom. Often we think we know what we want and enjoy but in reality we may have conceived those beliefs from the wrong information. Only from going back to our innocence are we able to find the intuition that leads us to our authentic self. Few of the self-development programs available really look at finding our true passion by examining the events that made us happy in our childhood. The simple things that brought about joy without effort. When we can find those pleasures we may have clues to our true life goals. We could question why it’s important to know what makes us truly happy and brings about contentment. Having more than someone else isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if we can use our wealth or ability to bring about a win/win scenario then everyone gains. With thought, courage and consideration any situation can be brought to a successful conclusion provided those involved do not get disillusioned.

When we remember what others have done for us, we can start to appreciate what we should try to do for others to allow them to benefit from our effort and for us feel satisfied in our daily life. Finding that nucleus of an idea or inkling of a dream that can lead us to our true passion is all that we need to create our authentic character. Living by our passions and making decisions based on our intuition alone is not necessarily the best way to help others but could bring about a certain kind of satisfaction for those who want to feel their life has meaning and want to give back to others before its too late.

We should all have a duty of care to consider everyone else in our life and our world and remember those who have helped us. The social and emotional dimension of life can be a massive contradiction. Those who face the dilemmas will make decisions that will see them either conquer their fears or not be led into temptation to struggle with their own sorrow. This is determined by our relationships with others and their interpretation of us as genuine caring people. Whatever our role in life we are governed by those around us in some way. When we want people to do what we want them to do we should either show them respect or expect to pay for their service. Realisation can be quite daunting when we compare our hopes and dreams to our actual achievements but then again we have to enjoy the journey or we won’t appreciate the outcome.

Endeavour to help others and remember what others have done for you.

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