Seven Keys - Conscious Self Connection

Seven Keys is one to one training session in an ancient spiritual practice that is all empowering. It combines many of today's typical teaching modalities but has the ability to enhance faith, healing and understanding through spiritual learning, clarity, power, love, energy, blessings and gratitude.

Set in basic principles that go back to the beginning of mankind, this wonderfully inspiring daily practice can bring all the rewards you desire.

The application of this methodology is renowned to guide deeper awareness, acceptance and appreciation of life's energy flow, along with a greater understanding of health and wellbeing.

Sittings are in person only. They last for up to two hours and are available Monday to Friday and at all times of day and evening. Sessions cost £55 and include meditation and physical exercise.

Simply by allowing the source of energy to guide us, we are brought to a place of passionate purpose that can create all our desires. Focussing on peace and positivity we work with each area to develop core strengths. Through this we can change our world to become beautifully blessed with an abundance of health, harmony and happiness.


Seven Keys activity can be both addictive and trance inducing and as such ultimate self-care is recommended before, during and after all sessions. For this reason and to ensure proper teaching, every attendee must sign a health and wellness disclaimer and non-disclosure agreement prior to their classes. As an exercise it is not overly demanding physically, but like all types of yoga or enhancing techniques, exertion needs caution and should not be undertaken after eating or without adequate understanding or supervision.


Seven Keys Classes

  • Two-hour session
  • Weekends and evenings
  • Priced per person

Bookings only by phone or text to Lionel on 0044 (0)7850 426 234 or by arrangement on email to lionel@lionelpalatine.com
Sessions are available at all hours of the day or evening by agreement