Self Destructing


There are times when people do or say things which may be intended to help us and yet we see it as an affront to our ability, our dignity or our value. There are other times when we see people and make first impressions based on limited information which can turn out to be wholly wrong. When we start out with preconceived ideas we make mistakes. Those mistakes can be costly to our wallet, our relationships and our health. Maybe it’s the consequences of trying to understand ourselves that leads us to see the errors we make or maybe the errors we make help us to understand our weaknesses. When someone says or does something that upsets us, should we be upset with them or with ourselves for letting it upset us? What we believe will ultimately determine our satisfaction, happiness or well being. Essentially belief is the major factor in achieving anything worthwhile. Whilst we can believe in ourselves wholeheartedly, putting that same belief in someone else can be a recipe for disaster or an inroad to a new understanding whether that other person meets the challenge of our belief or not. How we handle our own hurt can potentially develop illness through emotional clutter which might not become apparent for years if at all. Not being able to rise above our own thinking can cause a lack of vision which stops us creating what we want not only for ourselves but for others whatever our intentions.

Last week I spent some days in Glastonbury , supposedly the heart chakra of the world and whilst I was able to enjoy every moment to the full, love wasn’t exactly apparent on the faces of the majority of people there. The place itself is full of a wondrous selection of wacky souls doingwhatever they believe is helping them to heal but I ponder on what they are all trying to heal themselves from. We are all a part of each other’s role in life simply be being wherever we are however miniscule that part may be. Who are we to judge others even if we have found our own place in the world? Unless we put into practice everything we have learnt we are not using our full potential but relying on others to accept our way of thinking instead of us being able to accept theirs. When we get hurt by another’s words or deeds we are the only one able to release ourselves from that hurt even if we communicate the problem fully to the other party. By communicating we at least get the chance to understand and make progress towards helping our thinking but without some words of mediation we are likely to fester thoughts that can ultimately cause us major problems later on in life when we have used those words against ourselves a thousand times over. How bizarre is it to think that we can be own worst enemy without us even saying a word out loud?

Nothing grows, not even Cancer without the right conditions to nurture it. All of the lost souls of self-destructive thought could expand and mature in fulfilled contentedness with expression and an environment that gives love and understanding without criticism. When those conditions are found, brought about or given by another there can be an expansion of consciousness and a light and happy path can be found to move forward. We must all be willing to accept the consequences of our own actions but none of us could expect to make big changesby following the diverse selection of thinking that is either, physical, emotional or spiritual withoutcontemplating a cross section of all within the right surroundings. Many of us miss the opportunities of wealth, wisdom and health in much the same way. Our own thinking stops us from believing in ourselves sufficiently to stop us believing in any greater power enough to benefit from that power. Without true freedom from the constraints of our own minds we can have no real liberty. We are all able to follow the same old dogma but we can’t expect anything uplifting to come out of it. Finding a goal to see real purpose and a plan in our lives must be one of the most important aims for any of us. Following through with that plan is the only way to feel self-satisfied no matter how long it takes or even if you never reach the journeys end.

Every new day lies in front of us untouched for us to create a feeling of harmony with everyone else we come into contact with but how many of us actually make the effort. A strange but widely travelled multilingual lady led us to reconnect with Glastonbury this time but from past life regression to soul therapy, from crystal healing to reiki, from aura cleansing to tarot we tried the lot, at great expense, and yet when it comes down to feeling what’s right, what helps us and what brings a stronger connection to our beliefs only love, communication, and determination seem to bring about unshakable faith in any power bigger than ourselves whatever you want to call it. Walk alone into any abyss and doubt, lack of vision or miscommunication can stop you in your tracks but follow nature and let the wisdom of self-belief guide you to stop fighting against change, get into tune and flow with the concepts that are emerging or we will simply be left behind. We contain all that is, within us, so there is no need for eternal search only internal search to love ourselves and find out not what we can get from the world but what we can give to the world we live however small or apparently meaningless that may be.

Endeavour to have an open attitude to your own faith in yourself.

Written by:
Lionel Palatine – He is a regular networker and a speaker at events as well as being a property author and adviser. He joint ventures deals and shows people how to buy property for low cost which are inclusive of all fees and deposits.

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