Self-esteem is made up primarily of two things: feeling lovable and feeling capable. ~ Jack Canfield.

Self-esteem can come from the determination and perseverance to overcome the difficulties of adversity. Many town centres are again adorned with homeless people who have lost their way through the tribulations of life. The Covid lock-down gave hotel rooms to those with no accommodation. It might not help the same people during the cold dark winter months. For each of us, life teeters on a fine line between being fortunate, or being on an addictive path of a sorry future.

It’s come to the fore more so than ever over the last few months. The lack of self-esteem that some people, particularly men, hold themselves in, is incredibly sad. Trying to break out of a vicious circle of addictive tendencies requires real resolve. No wonder suicide rates, family breakups and general unhappiness abounds when so few people are unable to turn their attention away from their problems. The future doesn’t look much better either, we all have a lot to do.

Politics has a lot to answer for, decisions made by those in power affect the majority in a variety of ways. It’s hard to have confidence in one’s own worth when society gives you little value. We all have abilities, whatever each of us can do needs to be honed to bring quality of life to those who need it most. Self-esteem and self-respect go hand in hand and can be best brought about through using practical skills. The benefit of seeing something for the effort expended develops greater awareness.

We’re still planning to help many who need it by offering a means of working on the land. Connecting with nature has to be the most rewarding of tasks for those who can appreciate its value. Regrettably, nothing is ever as simple as it sounds as everything has to be managed and agreed. Funding is such a difficult issue as so many modern guidelines need to be adhered to. We see hope and light from our group meetings and the visitors to Blissland.

When you can truly acknowledge who you are and accept what you bring to the world your self-esteem will grow. The higher your own self-esteem the more likely you are to treat others with the respect they deserve, to be generous in your words and deeds. That in turn will bring more and greater rewards as the universe gives back what it receives. Helping others to find happiness brings an energy that distracts the problems of life and creates even more happiness.

The fear of failure affects self-esteem, dealing with fear is key to building confidence. Consider the worse thing that can happen if we fail at anything we try, having a contingency plan to fall back on is always a sound practice. There is no essential to compete with others when you are grounded in who you are. Being proud of yourself and what you attempt to do, for the right reasons, should be sufficient to build your self-esteem and to keep on trying.

Build on what you are to become the person you want to be xx.

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