Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. ~ Khalil Gibran.

It’s true that absence can make the heart grow fonder. Yet when separation is forced upon us it hurts deeply. Our own special day this month became a hurried affair. Learning took precedence over connection. Whilst this has no real significance on our relationship, it goes to show just how intangible our perception of others feelings can be. A family in-law lost his mother after a short illness, and we feel the pain of loss with him. With our oldest family member also having broken a leg in the last week, it could potentially be a fraught time for us in many respects. Emotions can run high at times like these unless we are able to find harmony. Meditation, mindfulness and spiritual practice can all help in these situations.

Everything is interconnected though, and in reality, there is no separation between events. All three of our vehicles all having punctures, is evidence in a very practical sense of how we can easily manifest negativity. Whilst there is no separation in practical problems happening, the same truth exists for the opposite, positivity. Having an awareness of metaphysical messages, can help to remove our own separation from nature and the world round us. There is no real separation between true friends or soulmates, merely distance. It is our own will (or lack of it) that sees greater separation than that which is actually created. By establishing our own boundaries, we are able to understand where we stand personally. Power can corrupt, even when that is one person over their partner it can lead to devastating consequences.

Our individual views bear little resemblance to the workings of real power. This is particularly obvious with the Brexit fiasco and where the political scene has taken such a different turn over the last month. It’s integration we really want in our spirit not greater separation. Loneliness is commonplace and when a relationship breaks up, the chances of both partners finding true love is slight. However, our relationship programs can really help, provided you try them early enough to make a difference. Once you make a commitment to love you make a pact with Mother Earth as well as your partner. Often the reasons we are seeking separation can be enough to deal a fatal blow to a relationship. Finding the right person with whom to discuss your feelings might be even more difficult. Our next workshop is now in the diary for early February.


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