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I remember the first time I had sex – I kept the receipt. ~ Groucho Marx.

Sex has quite literally been the butt of many sleazy jokes. It’s countless books and magazines repertoire must be in the millions. Mankind couldn’t live on without it and yet it causes so much pain and anguish. The power of sex can be seen through every area of marketing to men and women alike. It’s used as a persuasive tool by honest people and even more so by criminals. It’s become the ruin of many lives and the making of others. Sex sadly has a price that in reality is far more than its true value.

Seeing the reality behind sex slavery and female genital mutilation breaks the heart of decent thinking people. Donating to the charities set up to help eases the conscience but seems so ineffective as the tragedies continue on a daily basis. Sex in these scenarios shows the depth of human depravity.  The cruelty of what can and should be the most wonderful experiences in people’s lives, to be taken away by others, is too painful a thought to dwell on, yet it’s happening every day.

Young people particularly, can get caught up on a treadmill of sex, drugs and gambling that can and does ruin lives. Without close connection to a loving carer the early years can lead to misery for many. Emotional energy runs exhaustively through teenage learning, and many youngsters come into their adult years with sex having damaged their thinking on themselves and other people. It’s never going to be without reason and its certainly no easy task to protect even our own offspring.

What more can we want for our loved ones than for them to be happy and healthy? Everyone has to learn for themselves, make their own mistakes and find the joy of life and sex for themselves. Unfortunately, lots of innocent people suffer at the hands and from the organs of those corrupting by control. There’s a lot of injustice and unnecessary suffering caused by a fraction of people that leads to long term individual and family heart ache. This just seems to carry on unabated.

Even a long way down the line, relationships that could be fulfilling can be plagued with emotional trauma that has lingered unresolved for years. When any sort of payment or barter is involved for sex, even though it may not be recognized as such, there is no real love. Sex should be the outpouring of a loving relationship and not a goal or trophy of any sort. Religion shouldn’t enter into a loving sexual relationship in any way and certainly should not determine what’s right or wrong.

A connected, conscious, contented relationship should have sex as a natural order and combination of emotional, physical, and spiritual joy. Anyone not enjoying the full value of these elements needs to ask themselves why and what can be done to bring fulfilment to the relationship for both parties. The events of this year have caused all sorts of hardship and abuse has shown its ugly face in many households.
It may not even be seen as a violation of another person’s rights but in reality, it is.

We should each be free to do as we wish with whomsoever we wish, providing we’re not hurting anyone in the process. This of course also means that both parties of a loving relationship should be equally willing and wanting to make love. The intimacy of sex enhances a romantic relationship; however, attachment issues are rife. Some of these can even precede our birth, as the energy around our parents and our own conception, can be fuelled by negative memories that are passed through the genes.

Once you have an awakened heart and are able to heal the hurt of lost love, finding sexual ecstasy becomes easier. Transforming your life from fear based to love filled can happen if you know the ways of opening and mending your heart. Finding a deep soul satisfaction starts with the self not any other person. It can be a long-term pursuit but provided the result is worth the journey, what better endeavour could you attempt? Good sex is meditation, it’s being at one with all not just your partner.

Unadulterated happiness is worth a lifetime of searching. Sex is a part of nature and who are any of us to defy nature. Life is so much easier with a fulfilling sex life as it takes away tension and pressure. Opening all of our senses to another takes courage and it must be even harder for the youth of today. The internet has done a lot for communication yet seems to have done little to help deeper connection. In many ways it wants to be a mystical experience that heightens the senses.

Working with affirmations can be a great help to sexual and relationship problems generally. It’s not necessarily the affirmation itself that helps as where its focused. Clarity of beliefs, goals and perception combine with the compassion, empathy, and forgiveness of love to create connection between soul mates. Energy, appreciation, and gratitude build the powers of purpose and passion to accomplish the rising of the kundalini and the real feeling of true ecstasy.

Don’t let sex hold you back, let it free your spirit instead xx.

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