Soul Self or Ego Self

My colleague has just returned from his honeymoon in Bali where he went through the Fire Ceremony to burn his ego and leave it behind. Whatever you believe will be, will be. So if you don’t believe you have enough of anything in your life you won’t, or if you believe you keep bringing about the wrong things that’s exactly what you will get. The way we think is so important to our health, wealth and happiness and yet so few people seem to grasp the basics of seeing our ego self as a separate entity to our soul self. That includes finding our ego purpose which just wants to show off and is in conflict with our soul purpose that wants to be gratified by helping others rather than be in disagreement. We were invited to an NSPCC fund raising ball on Saturday night by a bank that has ulterior motives on getting customers rather than supporting the cause. It was a wonderfully easy evening but the frustration of wanting to give is in direct conflict to the ability to give anonymously. Virtually everyone was intoxicated and if you need to be inebriated to give something then it can’t really come from the heart. We can only live life in abundance when we realise that everything we do should be with the right intention of helping others. We get whatever we program into our brains and even our own death probably needs some agreement with whatever kills us, we have to accept it for it to happen.


We are able to rise above our mind and spiritual awakening as opposed to religion is about being at one with everything in the Universe but how can we be at one with everyone else unless they are also spiritually aware rather than living in the pain of ordinary life? We need to have the inner strength of our soul to align to a higher vibrational level to understand and experience good karma. In reality we cannot own anything, we are merely the custodians of it whilst we are alive and sometimes we have to let go of everything to be able to have anything. My mother is hopelessly lost with Alzheimer’s which makes loving and honouring her a tumultuous task, but a wonderful suggestion from my beloved partner to write to her monthly, has given me a new hope to at least feel as though I am connecting with her and doing my duty. Once we have everything and do everything with love we can manifest anything through love. I recently had a request from a young friend to give her advice on love and personal development as she is going through the horror of manifesting fear in all she does. Just as our body is our vessel to enjoy life so is our mind the vessel to understand life and both have to be kept in reasonable condition not abused. When we don’t look after ourselves, how are we ever likely to prioritise what is really important? We can’t feel love properly without loving ourselves. People have children to enable them to feel unconditional love and yet the NSPCC needs more money to help their cause than ever and they are only one of many charities in this Western world paradise where we live.


No one is ever really fulfilled by anything material as they always want more when the novelty wears off something. Fulfilment must come from within and giving from the heart with love for the right intentions not for bravado or self-gratification. The NSPCC charity film was heart rending enough to make everyone appreciate their luck for a few minutes at least.  I wonder though how much love did any of us really feel for the children of misfortune and abuse that often become the next generation of needy adults. Once we have felt true love we realize we must share that love with as many people as possible as love sets things free, it releases doubt, removes fear and defeats nervousness. We only have to say thanks to the Universe for our blessings rather than blame someone else for our misgivings. Once we blame others for our own problems we start to lose the value of our relationships. Infatuation and romance shouldn’t be mistaken for love, they are only a precursor to it. Love is a connection at soul level that can grow from anything and accepts the imperfections of the other. It is not a wanting or needing it is a being.


Being unhappy seems to be a normal state of mind on planet Earth but when we learn from others rather than copying them we can be exceptional. The more loving we are the more miraculous we are yet the more thinking we do the more darkness we see. Our minds are the only creative things we have and yet we create everything within our minds. We each create our own world but without any awareness of energy we are unable to transform our minds. When we are in love and feel love we want to give and to do good for others. When we can master our own minds we can master our own world but if we cannot control our own thinking we become a slave to it. We base much of our thinking on ignorance, misperception and contradiction which gives us the perfect opportunity to allow ourselves the contentedness of suffering rather than treading our own true path. We all like excuses to take the easy way out rather than raise our game away from materialism. Once we have a congruency we need to follow the flow and face the hurdles rather than give up when the going gets tough. When we have learnt to visualize what we want to create for others we can order it from the Universe and accept that if it doesn’t arrive it’s for our higher good rather than change our mind over fundamentals.


Endeavour to live with mindfulness in everything you do.

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