Spoilt For Choice

I tried to buy a filing cabinet the other day to fit the gaping space in my new office and of course make the systems run smoother. Not a massive task you may think until you try to do it. Whilst in Manchester I visited five retail outlets with this simple purpose in mind. Two of them had closed down, one only had second hand junk, one had sold all his stock the previous week and the other hadn’t had any in stock for several weeks. So the obvious thing was to head for the internet where I became so pie-eyed with choice that I couldn’t make a decision. It reminded me of some time ago when I went to buy a mop and found myself confused by the various floor cleaning systems that do the same job. Every product these days seems to have become so much more than the simple tasks they used to perform. To me there is a lot to be said for simplicity.It’s generally efficient to start with, usually cheaper and more reliable, often more appropriate and allows for more possibility and flexibility.

We seem to be led by style or culture now, not practicality, and it’s brought about massive change to what most people can have if they can afford it. The necessity for us to look like we are very different from our neighbours when in reality we want to be the same has grown many businesses into household names. There is a constant and continual pressure on everyone these days and it shows most in the lives and actions of many teenagers who see no hope in attaining the materialism which they see around them every day. Even for many adults, the want of something be it a new car, a holiday or even items of clothing can be so impulsive that it drives them through the misery of debt to achieve it. What few seem to realise is that they are far more able to receive anything they want if they are prepared to wait. Moreover if they are prepared to save for the treasured item instead of having the availability of credit they are likely to find out in the meantime that they have neither need nor want it.

Deciding what we really want and how to get it can be a major part of how our brain works and the energy consumed in desire really could be used more favourably in other ways to bring about that desire. Personal energy works very differently from how most people perceive things. Sometimes we can misconceive ourselves and when we don’t get what we think we want we can end up getting what we really want. |This strange phenomenon became clear to me recently when I looked back at what I had envisioned for myself several years ago to what I have in my life now. When we create through the law of attraction we rarely put our intentions into enough detail to direct the energy of the Universe to do our bidding the way we want it done. With hindsight we can see getting what we want and getting it the way we want it are two different things. Everything in life is there to teach us, everything and everyone is brought to usto help us learn something. Whether we able to understand the reasoning is another matter.

When you set out to achieve a particular thing, the journey should be a part of getting that goal as it will bring you more rewards than the goal itself. Whilst goals give us direction and focus we have to enjoy each day as if it were our last by appreciation and gratitude for everything and everyone around us. The direction we are heading in life is really more important than the final destination. Whenever we get somewhere we usually want to be somewhere else before long so a final goal isn’t necessarily the right way to think. A changing goal with the emphasis on the road is more important as most people give up their desires just when they get to within reach of them. Our disappointments for not achieving something can be our opportunities to create something far better that we hadn’t even realised we were capable of. On a walk with a reverend at the weekend I realised that big dreams can be attainable if we have the right intentions provided we don’t expect the path to be what we expect it to be.

A friend asked on Twitter last week what I would like people to say about me at the end of my life. I answered that I’d like them to say ‘He gave his all for others’, but they are more likely to say that ‘He gave his all for nothing’. Business life, as opposed to being an employee, can be like that. Hard work with no reward or worse still hard work to end up with far less than you started with is not unusual in this economic climate. Sometimes it can be the misguided, sometimes the hard done to and sometimes just down right foolishness but if you’re a person in command of anything you take charge, give it your best shot and accept the consequences. Without the possibility and responsibility of loss the sense of value in anything worthwhile simply doesn’t exist.

When we set our goals we have choices, we’re spoilt for choices as to what we want and how we are going to get it. When we consider where others come in our goal settingit pays to think of the contribution we are making to others from whom we expect no reward. It’s said you can tell the character of a man by the way he speaks to those who do not serve him. In simple words the way you help others for no reason other than the joy of helping is the way to build your own reverence with the Divine power of the Universe that can and will give you anything and everything you want without you even realising it.

Endeavour not to spoil your choices to have everything you want.

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