Thanks Banks

Over the last week or two I’ve been along to several events ran by or at banks which has started to worry me in so much as, if they are having to keep customers sweet by essentially giving away things, then they can’t really be too sure or confident of their own services. On the face of it getting an invitation to go for a meal, networking opportunity or even an economic talk seems like a good idea however there is always the alternative way of looking at things or maybe I’m being cynical. I see my finances in much the same way as I see my own thinking; it has to be under my control not let loose to become emotionally charged. When we are awake to abundant thinking we have an understanding of unconscious awareness and, if we use our thinking correctly, we could even bring about actions that could uplift humanity. We all have animal instincts, there can come a point to kill or be killed and we all walk a fine line between sanity and insanity where we can either worship or hate what we see, hear, and feel. Without looking at the bigger picture and getting an overall understanding, what we see can multiply into illusions that don’t serve our highest good so effectively we cannot be compassionate unless we fully understand our own thoughts. We can only extend feelings of love when we communicate with our Soul purpose not our ego driven greed.


At one event a man told me of another who had sold his business for millions and had found religion. I questioned his understanding of religion against spirituality and pointed out that he too would believe in some kind of God if only for the last moments of his life. Whilst the size of your bank balance can’t directly affect your higher atonement, the learning that is brought about through wealth can certainly help raise your spirits and understanding, if only by being able to afford you the ability to question everything you have, do and want. To question is to prove the validity or truth of what affects your life. When we believe we have no money we won’t, when we believe we’re getting old we will. What we believe we receive so we need to have power over our mind to control our bodily world. By questioning ourselves and what we see, hear and feel we can cleanse the computer in our head and transform our worries and fears into positive vibrations that can extend out to all those we connect with in every sphere of life. By thinking and condoning the way others think, we get trapped into the rat race, instead of being able to give wholeheartedly to serve others with passion. Our character and the trust we build creates our empowerment to exchange whatever skills we have for money. By helping others to achieve what they want we can accomplish everything we want.


When we are kind and generous to others we gain more than they do.

Being loving, strong and courageous helps us to realise that whatever we may have lost will be returned many fold and will make our lives more wonderful for the experience.  Real life can be a real learning if we if are able to question our own thinking, watching others’ lives can give us a sense of reason and logic for doing what we do. There really is only the appreciation of, and the gratitude for everything to make us see the truth of ourselves so that others can believe and accept who we are to bring love and fulfilment into our lives. When we exaggerate our success to impress others or blame others for our own misgivings we are effectively hiding part of ourselves from others because of our own fear yet we can’t be giving with fear in our hearts, we have to give value, benefits or love to receive them in return. Life only has three choices, live with it and like it, live with and dislike it or change it. The milking stool principle still holds true for most things, without one of the three legs of our physical, emotional or spiritual being we fall over along the way. Just as a business without production, finance or marketing won’t go far, neither will we achieve without giving, receiving and being responsible for our understanding of others and our compassion to them.


When we take sides we make judgement instead of being able to notice the light and dark of situations. The simple pleasures that allow us to extend our thinking and pursue a journey of enlightenment give us an opportunity to see spacious awareness with our minds not our bodies. So much of what we are taught is not practically useful and even teachers, political leaders and of course bankers misinterpret to us what they think they understand. There is constant war on our planet and with our planet as we all take more than we ever need and so at some point the tables will be reversed and humanity will suffer from our own misunderstanding of what we are told. The propaganda of what comes into our psyche represents what the collective understanding of the world around us. We can supress some fears and we can regress others but unless we are able to enlighten ourselves through proper meditation practices and still our own minds to rise above everything we see, hear and feel we are likely to have internal devastation between loneliness, doubt, and suspicion when we should be balanced and feeling harmonic with everything in life. The condition of our own health determines where we are in relation to our emotional and spiritual thinking. The instinct to have more of anything to feel safer is not necessarily the right way to see the truth of what should be, our spiritual awakening can be a greater evaluation of our desires than anything we can own or even hold. Strange how events can make you think!


Endeavour to see past what’s being offered to understand what truth is.

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