The Cost of Heartbreak

The traffic into London is even worse than the Manchester mayhem I’ve been used to for the last thirty years. It’s so much easier when somebody else drives though, with modern technology your office can be as small as your phone. When the sun shines through, the natural tendency for me is to want to be outside so typically as soon as the good weather comes I’m locked into a four day event. My intention from now on is to delegate all the events and networking to the younger members of the team who seem to have more energy and drive combined with the determination to succeed. This should give me more time to create my own network event and bring people into what I see as ethical working and allow me to connect people whom I can see that can do each other good without the need for ulterior motives or the enormous expense not only of the initial event but the follow on sales procedure of many of the current marketers. It breaks my heart when I listen to some of the tales of hard working people who have been sucked into some of the schemes and dodgy dealings of people whose name is synonymous with value. It’s quite clear in my eyes that value for money is actually the last thing they give as again and again people lose out to these charlatans and snake oil sales people.

Natural heartbreak hurts the most at the strangest of times. Things hit our conscious thinking when we least expect them because we are at our most vulnerable. The questions we ask ourselves are as important as the answers we give. When we want to change the quality of our lives, we must change the questions we ask both of ourselves and other people. Meeting a world renowned stage hypnotist last weekend reminded me of some of the dangers of the possible effects that can be caused by people we believe to be doing good. When we listen to the stories of others and relate that to our own lives and experiences we can often see that our own misgivings are brought about by the violation of our own integrity, standards or rules by someone possibly even ourselves.

Living with rules is of course a very necessary part of society but people always want to challenge and push the boundaries. It’s usually men who create the problems. The bravado and testosterone driven competitive edge meaning they are constantly needing to try and outdo one another. Then of course it’s usually the women that have to clean up the mess. It’s such a shame that more women aren’t in charge then perhaps the current mess we’re in wouldn’t be so bad. The more people I speak with, the more difficulties I encounter and, as much as I would like to help everyone there is a limiting number of hours we can actually spend doing things for others without recompense. However the opposite side of the coin is such that those who charge for everything like those who lie and cheat are seldom content.

Feeling contented with what we have, what we can give and what we receive is yet another pryangular factor that determines our value on this planet. Without care or concern for others there is no purpose or meaning. Without purposeful meaning there is no point to life. At the moment I’m battling against yet another property company that does not delivery on it’s promises. Honest people have to make a stand against those who do wrong and even though you could well lose out again, if you idly stand back and be taken advantage of you are condoning the behaviour. Over the last few days I met a poor disabled man who had been embroiled in a similar property scam, I’m hoping we can at least get his money back and teach him there is a better way.

Endeavour to check out who you work with before investing anything.


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