The Cost of Life

Last week I was invited to a meeting of what I thought was going to be something very inspirational only to find it was a Tarot reading. I’m not putting anything spiritual down, but had I been told the nature of the event I probably would have spent my time elsewhere. As it happened he was very instructional in his own way. Last year I had a reading in Bali which was something I wouldn’t like to have tried to better as the disappointment of doing something again can always be alet-down. Often when we go back to our youth expecting to find what we loved there, a bitter pill of disillusionment has to be swallowed. The same day I heard of the young girl in the Maldives who has to take a hundred lashes as punishment for living a life of being abused. Apart from the shear horror of the situation being just so wrong, it got me to thinking of the imbalance of values in life. I can afford to swan around having readings on my future, when what appears to be a totally innocent young female has her future scarred for the sake of others past behaviours.

So often what we do affects others around us either directly or indirectly in some way. How often do we stop and think about the way we work in comparison to what we achieve for others? Who do we help for nothing? Rarely do we appreciate that doing something for nothing for others actually helps us. I was asked recently what would people be able to say about me at the end of my life. I said “I’d like them to say he gave his all for others but they’re more likely to say he gave his all for nothing”. Until we learn to value nothing how can we value anything? The previous weekend I’d been asked “What one question would you ask of those with real power to help change the world for the better?” I suggested “What are you going do to change the love of power to the power of love?” to which I wouldn’t personally be able to have any answer. Only now when I start to value nothing am I getting a glimmer of realisation that the true cost of life is far more than the value we put on ourselves, it’s the value we put on our love for others.

Yesterday I saw, touched, smelt, photographed and even Tweeted the first open Daffodil of spring in the garden. The simple pleasure of such a bright flower was something I’d forgotten to enjoy in the recent chaos of life and yet without such natural beauty the planet would be a sorry place indeed. Until the people who seemingly use their powers to suppress others for material greed appreciate what is of real value, the problems of life will affect more and more people. Without belief there is no future, without vision there is no creation and without communication there is no harmony. When we look at the way we work and what we bring about we really should be asking ourselves how much harmony are we bringing to others? Not how much money can we make out of others? I tend to believe that a life is a life whether it’s a blade of grass or a nation’s leader it is still only one life each. You don’t know what you don’t know in any sphere of understanding.

By the year 2020 which is less than seven years from now, the world will be a very different place. It could be different for the better and I’m sure it will be for some. For the majority however I feel it will be a hard place to find what they want unless they make provisions now. I’ve heard that by then there’ll be over one hundred thousand people over the age of one hundred in Britain. That alone will create a great pull on resources which are preciously short for the masses. For those facing life on state pensions it’s likely to be a bleak future. For those working for someone else with no passion to follow it’s likely to be a struggle but for those who enjoy doing what they do who can create for others whilst receiving the benefits for themselves, they will enjoy the fruits of their labour. We all reference what has happened to us in the past to make decisions for the future but when we follow the so called masterminds, gurus or leaders we often find that their emotional distancing, their physical ability and their spiritual understanding is balanced enough to allow them to take action on their businesses to help others achieve what they want.This is what we each want to achieve for ourselves.

Finding your passion can be a daunting process and there are people who portray to be able to give you this information by assessing your personality. Much as I may have tried these various methods I still haven’t had a definitive answer to the question what is the passion that brings happiness of fulfilment and financial wealth? Money is one of the most emotionally charged issued in life. Far too often money is perceived as the difference in the quality of life. Any pressure on our funds can affect us every hour but when we have our why we want what we desire and organise our time accordingly we can start to make the distinction between what we want and what we need to give us the lifestyle we want.Money is merely a medium of exchange. When we value ourselves enough to realise that we can do far more for others with wealth than without it, we can see that the beliefs we use to define our individuality our uniqueness should be celebrated as it weaves the magical tapestry of life whether we like it or not.

Endeavour to be unique and true to yourself.


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